5 Simple Ways to Increase Your Online Sales

There’s a lot of competition in the eCommerce world, so it isn’t surprising that you’re on the hunt for ways to increase your sales. This stands whether you are solely online or have a website supporting your brick-and-mortar store. These days, you have to fight tooth and nail for every sale, but there are a few simple ways that can help you increase your sales online. Let’s take a look.

  1. Add-Ons

If you have a customer standing before you, you can offer relevant add-ons to increase the total basket value. You don’t have that same luxury when you operate an online store. However, you can still recommend suitable products. You’ve probably noticed that most big retailers do this. Once you scroll down the page, you see suggestions based on what you’re looking at. Someone buying a pair of shoes may want a belt that matches, so have those options pop up. Or, someone purchasing a tie may need a shirt. It would be best if you replicated this in your online store. Are you buying a candle holder? What about the candles? Or vice versa.

2. Up-Sell

An up-sell is where your customer views one product, but you provide them with a series of suggestions instead. These suggestions are more expensive than the item that they are looking at. However, they are incredibly similar, just the next step up. Or, you can offer additional products that go with the item—looking at a camera? What about the upgrades? Don’t forget the accessories.

3. Cross-Sell

You don’t always have to offer an up-sell; you may opt for a cross-sell instead. A cross-sell could be a shoe store that suggests laces, socks, and other items of the same brand.

Online Sales

4. Highlight Best-Sellers

Not everyone is a serious fashionista, so give your customers a helping hand by creating a page for your best-sellers. This is something that people might hop into when they’re purchasing gifts or just looking for inspiration. Knowing your best-sellers is important for you, too. It provides a bit of understanding about your customers and what they’re into. This can help you craft your future lines and buys.

5. Prominent Guarantees

If your brand isn’t established, people may hesitate to order with you. People are now more careful with their online shopping habits, increasing cybersecurity awareness. So, you want to highlight guarantees. Let people know your refund policy, emphasize that you offer secure payment options, and use badges specific to your industry. There are plenty of sites out there that are set up to scam people out of their money. These types of places don’t go through the trouble of providing information. That means it’s essential that you do; you may be surprised at the difference that alone can make to your sales. Make sure you follow admarketingbuzz.com for all the latest news on eCommerce trends, advertising tips, and more. To stay ahead of the curve, you must keep up with all the latest news.


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