A minute with Maria K Thomas Blogger

Where do you stay?
In a chaotic family home in Limassol with my hubby, 3 children and naughty, fluffy Coconut (doggy).

Best formative years memory?
Sitting on the seashore with my dad on our summer vacations. He could usually try to locate me a friend to play with. Now I understand why! It turned into the only manner he ought to have a second’s peace.

Most frequented eating place and absolute favored dish? What food would you simply turn your nostril up to?
Most frequented eating place would be Dino’s Art café in Limassol – informal, easy choice! Saying that my fav dish is honestly Asian. I can’t naked the sight of uncooked food.

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Because I am looking my weight loss plan after a severe bout of meals intake, I don’t suppose it’s really worth bringing up. What I might have liked to have eaten for breakfast is a stack of American pancakes with melted butter and maple syrup.

Would you magnificence yourself as a day or night time person? What’s your concept of an appropriate night time/day trip?
I actually have in reality end up a day person through the years however I recognize and enjoy my nights out. My perfect timeout might be to dump the youngsters, packing them off to their grandmother and spending time with my girlfriends.

Best ebook ever examine?
One of my faves needs to be Shadow of the Wind through Carlos Ruiz Zafón. An authentic story with masses of twist and turns.

Favourite film of all time?
I am a romantic comedy lover! One of my top ten could be Pretty Woman. A modern fairy story with the superb soundtrack.

Favourite vacation spot? What’s your dream experience?
I assume to this point it needs to be New York. At the time it made a big effect on me. A proper concrete jungle with magic in the air. I made certain I relived as many scenes as I ought to from all my fave movies. Dream experience could be to go to the prettiest American iciness cities, the ones which might be seen in Christmas hallmark movies.

What music are you paying attention to inside the vehicle in the interim?
My Wednesday Morning Coffee – ‘Valentines Special’ playlist on Spotify. Follow, please.

What is continually in your refrigerator?
My face lotions and ketchup.

Dream house: rural retreat or city dwelling? Where would it be, what wouldn’t it be like?
Never notion of it because my dream residence is the one I have now with the people living in it. If I have been unmarried, however, it’d actually be a regular French loft in some town center. Stylish, white and open plan. Can’t respect open plan now. Rooms are wished so we are able to all disguise far from each different.

If you may pick out everyone at all (alive or lifeless) to exit for the nighttime with, who wouldn’t it be?
With this sort of disturbing timetable, time is confined so if I had a night at my disposal I might pass on a date night time with my hubby.

If the arena is ending in 24 hours what would you do?
Panic! Log out of Instagram and now not allow my family out of my arms.

What is your greatest fear?
If you had asked me this query years in the past, I could have said finding a cockroach in the restroom. Now it’s miles surely fear of something taking place to my youngsters.

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