Amber Weather Mod – Important Features

Amber Weather Mod is a free android app that provides the latest weather conditions in your area. It is effortless to use, as it has a clean interface and doesn’t have any ads. You only need a rooted Android phone to run this application. If you are wondering what the latest Apk version number is, here it is: APK Version 3.5. You can also find the latest updates over at Google. With Amber Weather Mod, you get live amber weather alerts from anywhere in the world.

It is instrumental when it comes to preparing for any weather conditions. Just download the app, install it on your phone and let it set up the function. It will connect to the online database of weather conditions. It will look up for current weather conditions details and offer you different options from what you have got from the internet. For example, if you want to know about the weather in your city, select your city, searching for the live weather alerts. It is also brilliant, as it suggests what kind of clothes to wear depending on what kind of weather you are expecting.

Amber Weather Mod also offers you a facility to share your weather conditions with your friends and contacts. You can add a button on your Android phone to share your live weather conditions with your friends and contacts so that they can be alerted and make preparations accordingly. This will help you save time and effort, as Amber Weather Mod will give you all the latest information about weather conditions in your area. Once your friend gets the information, he/she can prepare themselves according to it. They can also get the details about snowfall, dew point, and rainfall, etc.


You can also get the latest information about local sports events in your area. This will help you plan for any upcoming sports event in your area. Amber Weather Mod has a personal trainer section to post your queries or comments and get answers. You can also upload your pictures from sporting events so that others can also know how you are progressing. The trainer can suggest to you some new moves and exercise techniques that will improve your performance.

The advanced version of Amber Weather Mod comes with a widget installed on your home screen. From there, you can view the latest weather conditions in your area and plan your trip or day-to-day activities accordingly. This widget is fully customizable and can be set to any color. You can even customize the background image or design of the widget. With these features, you can always stay informed about weather conditions in your area and make necessary preparations for any upcoming event.

The amber alert feature will provide you with the latest weather conditions in your area, based on Google maps. You need to download the free version, and then the installation process is done by the android devices manager. The latest version of Amber Weather Mod comes with an extensive help section with all the necessary information regarding installation, usage, configuration, etc. The website also guides users on how to change their alert color scheme.


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