Bangladeshi peacekeepers percentage their computer capabilities

Calestina Juuku Alfred, who works as a cashier in Wau’s Ministry of Gender and Child Welfare, had by no means operated a computer, till these days.

‘’I didn’t know whatever approximately a laptop. I used commercial laptop centres to kind and print files, which value cash. But now I can operate a pc easily on my own,’’ said Calestina on her graduation day, after acquiring a set of useful computer capabilities.

Now talented in Microsoft Word and Excel programmes, Calestina can produce her ministry’s payslips and document the signed payslips electronically on her workplace computer.

Celestina is one of the fifteen government officers inside the Wau place who benefitted from a training programme run through Bangladeshi peacekeepers serving with the UN Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS), acquiring simple computer working skills.

Like Celestina, not one of the graduates had prior ability to function a laptop, and most government places of work and institutions in Wau nonetheless use old typewriters and shop tough copies of respectable files in field documents.

‘’I was thinking that the Bangladeshi activity is to guard the peace with the aid of weapons. But these days I am amazed that they have got [computer] technical know-how,’’ stated Simon Elia Wodi, a 56-year-old man who has worked in the Ministry of Education for greater than 4 decades.

‘’They empowered us. We are actually very rich in our minds. We’ve acquired technological understanding for higher pay and better dwelling,” added an excited Simon, as he praised the Bangladeshi running shoes’ ability to teach an vintage man like him new skills.

‘’Handling an adult is the maximum commendable approach the Bangladeshi running shoes have!’’ he brought.

The centre created through the Bangladeshi battalion is the best one presenting unfastened training to public servants in Wau.

‘’The laptop has become one of the maximum important equipment to ease humans’s paintings all over the global. If you don’t have that understanding, you’re nonetheless backward,’’ stated Mario Ubanga, Wau location Minister of Education.

He endorsed the graduates to make use of their expertise to gain the government institutions they serve in.

The head of the Bangladeshi battalion reiterated the peacekeepers’ dedication to assist the people of South Sudan.

“We are trying to convey peace to your u . S . [by] working with you,” stated Brigadier Mohammed Jahangir Alam, head of the Bangladeshi battalion in South Sudan. “We are your brothers. We feel we ought to do something for you. We had been such as you,” he stated, relating to the nation of his domestic united states within the beyond. “We had not anything – no ability, no infrastructure. We created our personal and now we’re status on our ft,’’ he instructed the graduates.

The pc education programme is simply one of the distinct activities that Bangladeshi peacekeepers stationed in Wau have launched into to empower the local community. In latest months, the peacekeepers treated loads of cattle to guide livelihoods, and additionally extended free scientific offerings to the neighbourhoods of Wau metropolis where displaced human beings have been returning to after years in UN protection of civilian web sites.


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