Block Tank Wars 3 Modding – How to Enjoy the Game

One of the most anticipated massively multiplayer online role-playing games, Block Tank Wars 3, has finally come into the hands of its players. As one of the preeminent massively multiplayer online games, it has received tremendous response from its players. In fact, there was a lot of hype created about the game. The developers took full advantage of it and created a lot of exciting content for players to experience. Apart from that, they also provided plenty of levels for players to go through.

There are many changes in the game from the previous version, which has drawn much attention from the gamers. The new block type, the Tank, has been completely revamped and now features some special abilities and attributes. It now has professions such as the Miner, which helps you get additional resources without spending any money, a new hero class, the Engineer who makes use of the laser cannons and tanks to destroy enemy soldiers, and the Spy who can utilize the cameras to keep an eye on other players.

The tank is the backbone of the game as it is the most powerful character in the game. To give players a real thrill, the developers have introduced the Block Tank Bot, a new game character. This robot has many advanced characteristics, and it is also capable of defeating enemy players without breaking down its tank form. And since the tank bot is a lot stronger than other characters, it plays a major role in the game.


Besides the Block Tank, several other bots in the game allow you to play the game more confidently. You can purchase these blocks from the in-game marketplace and use them to build your very own customized bots. The blocks are available in different forms, such as ore, wood, and coal. And you can combine up these resources using the combining machines. You can either add the bot’s capabilities to your own or buy another to continue with the competition.

Block Tank Wars 3 Mod is not only a mod for World of Warcraft, but it is also compatible with other games such as World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King. Since it is a trendy mod, it will attract many users, both hardcore and casual. The mod is completely free to download, and it is also available for players living in the United States and Canada. You will find instructions on installing the mod right on the Block Tank Wars 3 Modding website.

In case you are still unsure about this great game, you can download the mod right away and enjoy the fun of building your own custom-made tanks. There are also many other things that you will enjoy while playing Block Tank Wars 3. This is a game that can easily make you forget about all your daily chores, as it will make you forget about anything else that you might be doing in the office or at home.


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