Blogger Harms Women’s Movement

Robert Kirby is a famous, provided newspaper columnist. Courtney Kendrick is an extensively read blogger. This month’s incident leading to Kirby’s 3-month suspension is a blow to the columnist and a setback for his newspaper (Salt Lake Tribune). It is likewise, in my opinion, a humiliation to the girls’ movement. Kendrick comes across as less a sufferer than a weak woman unable to resist any request from a person, regardless of how obnoxious or stupid. Kendrick ought to be pitied, no longer made right into a position version, and her actions may want to prove dangerous to strong girls pursuing recognition and careers.

If you aren’t aware of what came about among the 2, I will trap you up. Last July, the pair have been acting on a panel. Kirby made the primary mistake, telling her, “Let’s pretend I picked you up from an escort carrier, and we’ll walk over to that desk and sit down for a chat.” She ought to have rolled her eyes. She may want to have answered, “Sorry, but I’m now not your escort.” She ought to have placed him in his place. Instead, she said her response became “almost organic or evolutionary”; she turned into “conditioned” to “placed her head down and agreed.”

Sorry, however, that’s not how moms and dads are elevating their daughters. If a male makes a besides-the-point comment (which Kirby did), we don’t advise our daughters to bow their heads and comply with whatever the man says. It’s now not a depend on biology or evolution; it’s sincerely status up for yourself. Next, Kirby supplied her with a safe to eat marijuana candy to calm Kendrick’s anxiety about the panel. Kendrick reacts that she “took it due to the fact I felt compelled to thrill this character together with his ‘antique guy allure.’”

Following this good judgment, any of our children ought to go together with the “cool children” in excessive faculty and be “compelled” into taking successful off a joint, smoke a cigarette, or down a shot of tequila. How difficult is it to mention, “Nope, no longer fascinated?” It’s not anything extra than we assume our 14-yr antique to say. A grown girl must have the vanity to reject a proposal she unearths offensive.


It is also interesting that Kendrick didn’t simply sound off at the situation tuntilshe studies a recent Kirby column. He criticized a woman for interrupting a Mormon sacrament meeting by accusing a congregation member of the rape. When she becomes led by the microphone, she shouted that she become being assaulted. Kirby wrote – rightly, in my mind – that being escorted from the church wasn’t even near assault. She had no extra right to interrupt a personal occasion that I could to march as much as the front of the National Rifle Association conference and blare out that the attendees had been all murderers.

This is not a defense of Kirby, even though I agree that a three-month suspension is ridiculously harsh. It changed into now not Kendrick’s fault that Kirby acted like a hormone-charged youngster; neither is it her (or any girl’s) responsibility to govern boorish conduct. But I suppose Kendrick’s response makes it simpler for men in strength to impeach the hazard of hiring qualified ladies interacting in a frequently male-ruled place of business. This does not mean that sexist and offensive remarks should be considered the fee of doing commercial enterprise. However, Kendrick’s “bad little me” act doesn’t reflect a girl’s strength or exact judgment.

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