Blogger reveals why she makes use of wheelchair as fashion

A student who says she ‘used to feel ugly’ is challenging disability stereotypes through posting style-ahead images of her looking coordinated and funky – in her wheelchair. Elsie Tellier, 20, has cystic fibrosis – a fatal infection that specifically influences the lungs and digestive system – but she has not allowed that to prevent her from thriving in life. She is presently reading at the world-famous Harvard University in America and turning her love of fashion to assign stereotypes around disability.

The Mexican/French Canadian takes pix of her outfits, which co-ordinate with her wheelchair – painted like a galaxy or strewn with red flowers – and posts them on her blog, Instagram, and Twitter debts. She defined to her social media fans that occasionally, her infection forces her to use a wheelchair for a damaged vestibular machine and joint troubles. “I used to use it [my chair] day by day, but now I stroll plenty extra! “When I’m in my chair, I take pix due to the fact I used to feel unsightly in my chair and want to show that you can nevertheless be elegant,” she wrote on Twitter.

Elsie continually loved fashion; however, she observed it hard to find clothes that had been at ease in a wheelchair. She decided to promote style-ahead photographs of disability by posing in her wheelchair and sharing the pics online. For several humans, incapacity can seem overseas. However, fashion serves to break down obstacles that variations can create, Elsie stated in an interview with Teen Vogue. “I have usually located that via dressing in a fun way that makes me feel exceptional; people have the opportunity to strike up conversations on the street approximately what I’m wearing and my fashion.”


But she stated that even though disabled people are the arena’s biggest minority, they have the least representation, and finding garments may be tough. She said that many fashion issues that stand up for chronically sick and disabled human beings tend to contain mobility, comfort, and scientific get right of entry to. “For humans who have mobility boundaries having garments that extent, have smooth-to-use clasps/closures [are important],” she stated. And with chronic ache, ADHD, pores and skin situations, or whatever which can cause tactile hypersensitivity,y it’s crucial that clothes are gentle and have seams that aren’t too itchy, with minimal clothing tags.

While folks who rely on scientific devices – like nasal cannula oxygen tubes or feeding tubes – want garments that lead them to easy to attain and help keep them clean. He hopes that sharing her talent may encourage brands to mix each aesthetic and practicality to ‘flip consolation into artwork.’ Elsie is open approximately her illness online and stocks her mind approximately her condition. On February 21, she wrote on Twitter: “Just due to the fact I’m giggling, smiling, and laughing doesn’t mean I’m no longer sick or in pain.

“Feeling bad is my every day, and even if I’m suffering, I don’t make a large deal out of it. The pain is there; I’m just deciding to have a laugh nonetheless and not to show how I’m feeling.” Let’s get real here… If you need to journal your life, blogging is a fantastic way to proportion that with a circle of relatives and pals. And it is a first-rate manner to talk from the other facet of the planet. I commend you for writing home, posting pictures, and sharing what’s happening in your life with your blog. I study numerous of those, and love each unmarried considered one of them! Thanks.

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