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The Cost Drivers of Video Games

The gaming industry has emerged as a huge enterprise over the past thirty years, and groups were collecting a reputedly limitless delivery of revenue. As the years passed, games advanced through picture design and innovation. Prices for these video games and consoles boom with each new generation. The average new

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OpTic Gaming to announce

As the area's most popular Call of Duty crew, OpTic gamers have a strain upon them to perform and bring domestic trophies. The iconic lineup offering Scump, Crimsix, FormaL and Karma did just that once they started their tirade throughout the Advanced Warfare season, and carried on for 3 years to

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Ultimate gaming headset features

Razer has pulled the curtain returned on but every other line of PC gaming headsets, the Nari collection. All 3 of these new gaming headsets come packing THX Spatial Audio, but, the ‘Ultimate’ version does something completely new: hyper-realistic haptic comments. The function, co-advanced with German engineering firm Loft, makes use

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