Challenges Every Software Tech Lead Faces

Being a tech lead is complex. You are under a lot of pressure, and lots are predicted of both you and your paintings. You are a key part of the challenge, and its success or failure depends largely on you. Although there is no real alternative for revel in, in my 10-plus years of being a tech lead, I have uncovered some of the issues that tech leads are frequently confronted with that tend to motive more than one headache. Consider the subsequent answers next time you face such a challenge:

1. Choosing Which Technology, Framework, Or Programming Language To Use

This is the mother of all technical worries. It’s not something that most effective tech leads face, but additionally, developers are preferred. However, for a tech lead, this step is of precise significance. If you’re making the wrong desire, the whole challenge should start on the incorrect foot, and correcting the mistake later can be very costly and complex.

The first element to preserve in mind is an alternative obvious that we tend to overlook: Choose the proper tool for the proper job. There are many exceptional answers to this question, and choosing the right one depends on a massive quantity of things. You may additionally find a framework or a programming language very laugh and interesting, but if it wasn’t designed for this use case, don’t try and bend it on your wall. Instead, attempt to be a goal and look for tools designed for this task. You also can examine comparable projects to study which device they chose and why.

It is also important to consider the talent you have got available. Suppose anyone in your group uses tech A; although it isn’t the quality suit, switching to tech B may not be the high-quality solution. You ought to also think about how the skills pool will evolve, and don’t forget how easy it will or not it’s to rent talent for your preferred technology within the future.



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Keep in thoughts the direct and indirect fees of every solution. Some costs won’t be so obvious initially, which includes preservation and the fee of strolling the solution. Finally, reflect consideration on how the assignment will look inside the destiny and search for a device to evolve with the undertaking.

2. Weighing Input From Developers

Imagine that a developer involves you with an answer that makes you a bit uncomfortable. In this example, the best you can do is accept your builders as true; however, trust your instincts. If you are now not completely happy with something, first ask your developer to explain it, and then share your factor of view. If you continue to sense there’s something incorrect with the method, try to find a 2nd opinion; however, don’t do it publicly, as your developers ought to think you don’t consider or recognize them. Instead, privately talk over with others (outdoor the crew, if viable). In the cease, if nothing better comes up, strive what the developer cautioned. You can study something new each day.

3. Balancing Deadlines With Problems

Don’t succumb to the temptation of seeking to please everybody or experience obligated to lie or “modify” the information. If there’s a trouble that you think will affect the shipping of the assignment, talk about it in reality to the stakeholders. Part of being a terrific chief is accepting a few things you cannot exchange and facing them hence.

4. Hiring ‘Rock Star’ Developers

I locate that teams often try and foster a “rock big name” culture. Some process postings even explicitly search for a “rock big-name developer.” Let me be clear: Rock stars play concert events; they don’t write code. I am now not announcing you shouldn’t hire talented developers — actually, you should try to rent the first-class — but you also need to be aware of the way of life you are growing.

The trouble with individuals who describe themselves as rock stars is that they tend to be tough to work with. They may agree that they know the ultimate reality and have minimal potential to accept distinctive reviews. This may match in tiny groups, but troubles will start to appear as the team grows. Eventually, you would possibly emerge as losing contributors to your group (either the rock celebrity or those who are tired of the rock celebrity).

My recommendation is to locate gifted and enthusiastic developers, not folks that consider themselves rock stars. There are masses of extremely talented developers who sincerely love what they do and don’t care about being right — they need the pleasant for the mission. Waste no time in hiring them. A very crucial part of being a tech lead can address uncertainty. You will learn how to take delivery of that. There are a few matters which might be out of your manipulate. Finally, observe your intuition. We regularly don’t have all the answers, and part of our task is to make educated guesses. Don’t be afraid to attempt.


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