Epix will offer 4K streaming through its apps

Premium cable community Epix has announced that it has plans to release a standalone, direct-to-consumer video subscription service, similar to HBO or Showtime. As part of the new carrier, it will be presenting movies and TV indicates in 4K sometime this year, as said through Variety. Subscribers will be capable of circulation the Ultra HD selections via Epix’s apps on choose gadgets. The first titles available will include movies like Goldeneye, The Spy Who Loved Me, Star Trek Beyond, and Transformers: The Last Knight, in addition to Epix’s authentic series Get Shorty.

The community’s government VP and GM Monty Saharan says Epix is the primary US TV network to offer Ultra HD through its apps and hinted that there is probably a guide for HDR within the future. Other premium networks like HBO haven’t yet upgraded their authentic programming to 4K. Numerology is observing the numerical values of the letters in words and names to narrate it with one or more coinciding occasions.

Numerology has persevered to fascinate many mathematical physicists as they haven’t any exact reason for many present theories. So, despite many skeptics, numerology is used by millions of humans around the sector to assist them in getting via the day and foreseeing what lies ahead. This is considered underneath paranormal or mystical artwork, and although there are extraordinary faculties of numerology that comply with distinctive methods, the analysis is equal for all.

Numerology is based on the belief that each wide variety among 1 and 9 has a specific cosmic vibration. Each letter of the alphabet is assigned this type of number when those letters are introduced up in an individual’s name. With his date of birth, it famous plenty about that man or woman’s personality, motivations, talents, and the future. Numerology aims to discover fantastic consequences, never poor ones.


While earlier, one had to are looking for out ‘Numerologists’ for steerage; nowadays generation has ‘brought the Numerologists to you’ via your mobile phones. Numerology analysis is now made clean via interesting and effortlessly installable apps that screen insightful predictions for you based on various numerology-based parameters. Good websites ensure the functions of their apps are frequently upgraded and patron pleasant. The readings are supplied in a smooth language of the consumer’s desire. You can also pick any Numerologist of your preference from the given panel.

When you download the Apps for numerology analyzing, you could discover how your numerology numbers govern your success no longer most effective for the day, however the whole week, so you are organized to face any upcoming barriers or demanding situations and can plan as a consequence. The apps even replace you about the lucky time of the day so that you can make that important pass you had been thinking of, at a good time, for the maximum gain.

Many top numerology apps also let you know approximately your persona trends based on the Ruling Number and Birth Path variety to help you apprehend your own persona better and make you clever about conveying happiness and suitable luck. With the help of your Psychic variety, you can analyze your dating with others too. Some apps go a step similarly and provide an unfastened Annual Numerology forecast for the coming 12 months so you can plan your 12 months.

The cellular apps come up with thorough, targeted, correct, insightful facts about many specific components of your life whilst you download the app. It also points out a way to work in your robust points and combat your vulnerable ones. The readings help provide you with the self-assurance to stand the sector. They help you get suggested within the proper path, and considering that help is only some taps away in your cellular, you do not permit any state of affairs to crush you.

Salesforce users were complaining majorly approximately the User Interface being clunky. The internet has moved to a responsive layout, and the Salesforce UI did no longer evolve at the same rate, to begin with. This made Salesforce reconsider how their platform is designed and how apps are constructed on it. All this led to the launch of a new platform that Salesforce has named ‘Lightning’ and is likewise known as “The future of CRM.”

Lightning is designed to deliver extra analytics and in-line intelligence to power extra income and is a totally new implementation of Salesforce. This is performed by focusing absolutely on the utility of good judgment and democratizing app creation at the platform. The foremost modifications that have been introduced with the Lightning platform:

1. A New Information Architecture

Relevant statistics are surfaced for each display, streamlining manner and workflows with Lightning. The ‘Activity Feed,’ e.g., surfaces the trendy updates assigned to a Sales Representative from all debts. To see the whole lot occurring with a consumer without going to exceptional pages inside the utility, you’ll be able to use the ‘Contextual Hovers.’ To get the complete photograph throughout all of your deals, there’s the ‘Opportunity Board.’ And, eventually, there are customizable dashboards that allow pick out and pick out what facts one would love to have at fingertips even though it’s now not to be had by default. The give-up users get more electricity in their palms, which will grow to be more pleasing to enjoy for the Sales crew.

2. A new Design Language

Irrespective of the device, all of the new features available in the UI work in an identical way. For this, Lightning grants a brand new design language that promises a customer-like enjoyment throughout each device, browser, and running system. This is, in turn useful in making Salesforce a responsive platform.


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