Health Care kicks of Breast Cancer Awarness

LAURINBURG — For the 14th yr, Scotland Health Care held its “Breast Cancer Awareness One Mile Walk,” with approximately a hundred individuals who came out to help the motive, ranging from folks who work inside the health facility to survivors of the sickness.

The walk turned into a mile lengthy, winding around Scotland Memorial Hospital with everybody in attendance decked out in red and carrying balloons. Those who had been unable to stroll the mile were capable of the journey in one in all decked-out golf carts or a pink Mary Kay Cadillac, which was delivered from Rockingham in particular for the event.

The course taken took the street in the back of the medical institution and crossed over the rate bumps.

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Cancer Center Director Paula Love says that the event kicks off October, which is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and could stop with a Scotland High School varsity soccer recreation on Oct. 26 being devoted to breast cancer awareness.

Along with the two occasions, masses of activities are being carried out internally on the health center to elevate consciousness — along with wearing purple on Wednesdays.

Love said that the complete factor of the stroll is to elevate cognizance for the ailment, as one in eight girls will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetimes.

“The key is getting girls to stop for a second and do something for themselves,” Love said. “And the pleasant thing they can do for themselves and their families is to ensure that they get their mammograms.”

The statics, even though, are low for ladies getting their mammograms, with most effective 65.3 percent of ladies over the age of forty getting one inside the past years, in line with the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

At the Scotland Imaging Center, a new contemporary era is helping discover extra abnormalities than earlier than. The first in the vicinity, the Center is imparting three-D mammography, which gives images in one of a kind angles as opposed to 2-D mammograms, which only gives front and facet photos.

The new era plays a key role in early detection of breast cancer.

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At Tuesday’s event, Scotland Health Care System CEO Gregory Wood and County Commissioner Carol McCall both spoke on the importance of getting examined.

“The maximum essential element you can do to take care of your fitness is getting that mammogram,” Wood said. “We are prepared for you after the reality, we realize how to do those mammograms, but you are the maximum critical man or woman in terms of looking after your fitness.”

McCall spoke about her own reviews. While she herself turned into now not a survivor, her sister is a survivor and sister-in-regulation did no longer live on the ailment.

“Now I actually have a daughter who has a paternal and maternal aunt which have had breast cancer, so she is fully aware about those records which are so critical,” McCall stated. “I just need to congratulate the healthcare machine. I tour across the nation pretty a bit and what we’ve got here in Scotland County isn’t typical in small rural counties. We are very fortunate to have the offerings that we’ve.”

Leslie Herndon is the breast health navigator, a brand new function on the medical institution. Her activity is to help sufferers who have an abnormal mammogram coordinate appointments and bridge the gap between the sufferers and medical personnel.

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“We spoke to a guide organization remaining Friday and one of the sufferers stated, “she’s there to assist me to think when I can’t assume,” and we simply notion that it was a truly super phrase to wrap up what the placement is,” Herndon said.

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