How to disable a few System UI notifications in Android Pie

Android Pie is returning a piece extra manage to customers. Some of that management is quite apparent, whereas some are tucked away to save you, the average consumer, from uncovering what’s available. One such bit of manipulating that falls inside the latter category is the capacity to disable a few System UI notifications. What are System UI notifications? You realize while taking a screenshot, and Android informs you that you just took a screenshot? That’s a System UI notification. Now, earlier than you jump in to mention, “Heck yeah! I hate it whilst Android reminds me that I just took a screenshot!”, understand that Android Pie’s screenshot notification now includes the capacity to the speedy percentage that screenshot from the notification itself. So what could have been an annoyance in Android Oreo is now sincerely quite beneficial.

But there are probably different System UI notifications that you do not need. Fortunately, developers made it feasible to disable them. Unfortunately, it would not observe all notifications. In different phrases, Android Pie is particular and limited in what you could disable. My wager is that this could alternate over time; however, for now, the characteristic is not quite as huge in scope as what you might want. That being said, it is nevertheless an amazing concept to recognize a way to disable one’s notifications, must they end up a chunk too intrusive.

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What you may want

You’ll best want one component: a tool running Android nine (aka Pie). Without the contemporary new release of the platform, you may not discover this feature to be had.

How to disable the notifications

The first factor you ought to do is find the System UI settings. This is now exceedingly simple; instead of digging via the Settings app to find System UI, open Settings and sort System UI inside the search bar. When the effects appear (Figure A), faucet the System UI access in the System UI configuration window (Figure B), you will see a listing of all machine notifications that can be dispatched to the Notification Shade, most people of which can be grayed out. In fact, as of this writing, there are only two System UI notifications you may disable:


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