How to Speed Up Your Internet Connection

Everyone knows how irritating a gradual internet connection may be. Slow downloads, now not having the ability to observe Game of Thrones or livestreams in excessive-definition and laggy connections while you play video games, are issues that could smash the net experience. Unfortunately, no longer can anyone switch net service vendors. More than 46 million American families have access to only one company with speeds of 25 megabits consistent with 2nd or extra, which isn’t that speedy.

Thankfully, you may do matters before upgrading to a better tier plan together with your ISP. In this manual on the way to speed up your internet connection, we’ll give you 10 pointers to increase your speeds. If you’re in one among them, you want to get the most of what you have got, which means dashing up your net connection. Most of our tips are loose, and the few paid ones are tons cheaper than upgrading your net package. Before getting to our guidelines, let’s see if you even want to undergo the hassle.

Do You Need to Speed Up Your Internet Connection?

Speedtest. It would help if you made certain you could increase the state of affairs before you start seeking to speed up your net connection. If you believe you studied your internet is sluggish, one of the quality ways to affirm your suspicions is to do a web speed test. The Internet is a first-rate resource for checking your pace with the click of a button; we use it for all of our VPN evaluations for a cause. Once you have the consequences, compare them to your promised download and upload speeds to look if yours are as slow as you observed they might be.

Restart Your Router

Turning machines on and off again is the commonplace place to begin for tech recommendation because it now and then fixes the trouble. You can do it by manually unplugging your router and plugging it in again, pressing the energy button generally determined at the back of the unit, or logging into the router via your browser and turning it off. We advise waiting at least 10 seconds before plugging it returned in. The time it takes for a hardware reset varies by the producer, though. In maximum cases, a minute should do the trick.


Install Antivirus Software

Antivirus Computer Protection

It’s feasible that you’ve downloaded something you shouldn’t have and ended up with malware on your laptop. Usually, malware hijacks your bandwidth, which slows down your internet connection. If you don’t already use antivirus software, you’re setting cozy statistics, inclusive of your passwords and financial institution account information, at hazard, further to slowing down your net connection. Malware can also thieve vital computing sources, along with your CPU. Check out our article on the satisfactory antivirus software program to discover the one that works high-quality for you—we cowl topics which include usability and capabilities there, too. If you’re the handiest concerned about security, you may read our guide to the maximum secure antivirus software, as well.

Secure Your Browser

Viruses usually come through your browser, so it’s crucial to defend that location. Your first step has to be an antivirus software program, but you could make its process simpler with the aid of a at easy browser. If you’re no longer sure you’re using one, you ought to check our manual to cozy browsers. You can also get extra-secure browsers for banking or other sensitive transactions with Bitdefender or AVG. Read our Bitdefender Antivirus overview and AVG review for extra on those offerings.

Use Adblock

Block Ads

Ads are stressful, and they can impede your surfing experience, particularly when you have a slow connection initially. If you don’t have to load advertisements, you shouldn’t, as it fetches greater information from more than one server and requires a long wait before the website loads. We recommend you test out our choice of first-class pop-up blockers. Cutting the amount of information sent to your computer via blocking commercials can boost your browsing speeds since commercials are often loaded before different content on the web page. Plus, it makes using the net greater bearable.

Flush Your DNS Records

Your laptop facts statistics about the IP addresses you go to browse the net to speed up destiny visits to the equal website. That data is a DNS report. When an internet site moves servers, and you have to be redirected, your DNS facts can become a pace hurdle in place of an enhancement. You can easily out the cache to hurry up your net connection. In tech circles, that’s called “flushing your DNS,” and it’s distinctly clean.

If you’re on Windows 10, do the following:

Click at the begin menu and look for “command prompt.”
Right-click on it and pick out “run as administrator.” Only administrators can flush the DNS.
When the command set off opens, type:
ipconfig /flushdns
Then, hit “enter.”
After approximately a 2d, you’ll get a message that Windows turned into able to smooth out the cache. You’re performed and may close command activate.

Delete Your Internet History

Browser History Begone

You might also need to clean your net history. A great record, stored downloads, cookies, and cached images can contribute to a slower connection. The steps to accomplish that will range primarily based on the browser you operate; however, the steps for Chrome are outlined below. Click on the three dots in a vertical column in the top right corner of Chrome. Choose “settings” from the drop-down menu that looks like a way to open a brand new tab.

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click “advanced.” Click “clean browsing records.” A pop-up window will open with four options that might be secure to clean: “surfing history,” “download records,” “Cookies and other website data,” and “cached pix and files.” All are decided on via default. You additionally have the option to clear your passwords, car-fill statistics, and greater. Clearing them received’t do a great deal, if whatever, to hurry up your web browsing and will force you to consider all those passwords you have got saved and feature considering forgotten. Storing your passwords to your browser isn’t at ease, even though. We suggest clearing them after signing up with one of our excellent password managers.


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