Mac customers now that the professional app goes away

The reliable Twitter app for Mac is as appropriate as useless. Twitter does not offer the app for download, and it will now not be supported in March. So, what’s a Twitter consumer on a Mac to do? Here are your fine options going ahead.

TWEETBOT ($9.Ninety nine)

Tweetbot might be the nice Twitter app available first of all, so if you had been using the carrier’s professional app, recall Twitter pulling help a signal which you should be making the bounce to Tweetbot anyway. It has an easy interface (without an algorithmic timeline or backed tweets), remarkable mute and filtering alternatives, and aid for all suitable Twitter capabilities like 280 characters, threaded tweets, direct messages, inline images, GIFs, films, and lists. There are a pair of weak spots: seek isn’t wonderful, and a few features that Twitter refuses to build APIs for, like polls, don’t display up in any respect.


If you don’t like Tweetbot, your next best alternative is Twitterific five, which later rose from the grave following a hit crowdfunding campaign. Honestly, it’s essentially the same as Tweetbot featurewise, even though the UI is a touch rougher around the rims than the more slick interface of its competitor. But in case you’re looking for something that emulates (or instead improves on) the unique Twitter for Mac enjoy, Twitterrific is a superb choice, too. Twitterrific is available on the Mac App Store.



Like the Twitter for Mac app (which commenced out as a 3rd-birthday celebration app known as Tweetie that turned into simply good before Twitter slowly killed it off via a mixture of overlook and mismanagement), TweetDeck began off as its personal impartial app before Twitter sold it in 2011. Going returned to officially owned Twitter products, TweetDeck is sticking round in the meanwhile. Its unique column-based interface remains popular, mainly amongst users who like following specific lists of bills. It’s greater designed for strong customers than the informal patron, however as a minimum, Twitter isn’t killing it (for now).

The app has languished really under Twitter’s care: it hasn’t been updated considering that July 2015 (for “enhancements and small trojan horse fixes”). But if you clearly just like the UI or choose a “respectable” Twitter product, it’s no longer a terrible option. TweetDeck is available at the Mac App Store or as an internet app. Unlike Tweetbot or Twitterrific, it’s additionally free.


This isn’t a pretty app. However, it may feel a touch bit like one. You can use an app like Fluid to create a domain-precise web browser so that Twitter’s website could have an icon on your dock and a devoted window outdoor of Chrome, Safari, or something browser you’re using. Fluid is an unfastened download and is to be had from the developer’s website.


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