New devices for an energy-green cooking

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The sun will now steam your idlis for you. The ‘Solar steam cooker and idly maker’ garner the region’s pleasure on the expo organized using the Agency for Non-traditional Energy and Rural Technology (ANERT) capabilities under the Power Department during the past few days Sooryakanthi.
The expo becomes organized about the week-long Akshay Urja Ulsav for selling power performance and renewable energy gadgets. The ‘Go Solar’ name made via authorities agencies like ANERT, Kerala State Electricity Board (KSEB), and the Energy Management Centre (EMC) has brought about a spurt in increasingly sun-powered domestic appliances and different strength-efficient utilities inside the market.

The sun idli cooker, for instance, has been advanced with the aid of Kraftwerk, one of the businesses impaneled by way of ANERT. ‘’The company has now submitted the layout for approval through the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE),’’ stated ANERT director R Harikumar. With the danger of powercuts looming as summer tactics, there’s also a big call for sun-powered inverters. In truth, hybrid inverters that feed at the sun in addition to the grid are also to be had these days. Or, in case you want to head definitely traditional, there are the power-efficient firewood stoves on offer from self-assist companies educated by using ANERT in all 14 districts.

The ‘1+3 Model’ evolved by using the Karmadhara Charitable Society, whose technicians were educated by ANERT. In this new version, three hearts have lit the usage of one burner.“If you need five kg of firewood to burn three traditional stoves, this new version requires 3 kg. We accept as true with this model is 30 percent power green,’’ said D Suneesh Kumar of Karmadhara, which is primarily based in Venkodu, Vattapara.

ANERT has stepped up its activities with the Justice Sivarajan-led Solar Commission, recommending the corporation must be reinforced to provide a value-effective carrier to the general public. Solar lanterns and driers, solar photovoltaic panels, subsidized schemes for rooftop sun grid-tied, and off-grid gadgets are also available thru ANERT. ‘’The most popular product is still the grid-connected roof-top sun energy plant,’’ Harikumar said.


Home chefs of all ability stages can store cash by using their kitchens extra effectively. By editing cooking conduct, making better use of existing appliances, and buying new appliances that are power-green, domestic chefs can shop money, extend cookware’s running life, and reduce the time spent cooking. These tactics are a part of Green Cooking, which is ready to decrease waste, use much less power, much less water, and making less noise at some point of the cooking technique. Incorporating Green Cooking principles, the average family can reduce their home’s strength consumption and save hundreds of dollars consistent with 12 months on utility bills. Using the following suggestions, you could maximize the efficiencies of your kitchen’s home equipment and refine your cooking habits to save strength, store cash, and “cook inexperienced.”

1. Full-size ovens are not very efficient while cooking small quantities of meals. When cooking small to medium-sized food, use a smaller toaster oven. The smaller the appliance, the much less electricity used, so choose the smallest equipment suited to your cooking undertaking. The extra electricity-green equipment is, the less it expenses to run.

2. Keep kitchen home equipment and cookware smooth. When surfaces are smooth, you maximize the amount of strength contemplated closer to your meals, cooking quicker and lighter.

3. Utilize residual heat. Turn off the oven or electric range pinnacle a couple of minutes before the quit cooking time. The equipment will remain hot enough to finish the cooking manner.

4. Energy-green appliances might also fee extra to purchase from time to time; however, savings on application bills might be found out in the long run. Try to update your antique home equipment with greater electricity-green fashions gradually. Look for appliances with the Energy Star designation indicating that the appliance is up to modern-day energy-efficiency requirements. New and better home equipment continues to be advanced, cooking food faster and with more comfort. And quicker cooking times mean less strength use.

5. If you’ve got an electric range pinnacle, ensure your pan completely covers the heating detail and is identical to the burner. Use flat-bottomed pans that make complete touch with the factors. For instance, a six-inch pan on an 8-inch detail wastes 40 percent of the element’s warmth output. With gas burners, make certain the flame is completely beneath the pan; in any other case, heat is misplaced, and electricity is wasted. The ethical is, if you use a small pan, use a small burner and vice versa.

6. Don’t preheat the oven except for a recipe (including bread or pastry) that calls for it. A desirable rule of thumb is that any meals with a cooking time of greater than 60 mins may be started in a cold oven.

7. No peeking. Every time you open the oven door, it can decrease the inner temperature as a whole lot as 25 degrees. Use a timer to set the cooking time, and make sure your oven window is clean sufficient on the way to see how your dish is progressing. Be sure to test the seal on your oven door to make sure it is running well.

8. In the oven, stagger dishes at distinct rack levels to ensure proper air waft. Good airflow facilitates the oven to work faster and successfully. Rearrange oven shelves before you turn the oven on. Doing it after the oven is warm now not best wastes warmth, but is a smooth way to burn yourself.

9. Piggyback dishes on top of each different, either with the aid of using the identical warmness source for two or more chores or utilizing baking such gadgets as cookies the usage of retained warmness from previous baking or roasting. Multitask anywhere viable. Cookware which includes a Chinese steamer can prepare exclusive dinner dishes on distinctive ranges simultaneously and inexpensively.

10. Choose your cookware cautiously. Glass and ceramic cookware behavior and preserve warmness better than metal. If a recipe requires a metal baking pan, you may typically switch to glass or ceramic to be able to will let you lower the cooking temperature by using 25 ranges.

11. By warming food first (both at the counter or in the microwave-it makes use of less energy than an oven), you may cut down on the quantity of time your oven is on.


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