Reckless electricity of Mac The Knife

Many moons in the past, on the suggest streets of Sydney’s internal-west, there formed an unholy alliance; 5 of Newtown’s favorite children converged to create the unstoppable force that is now called Mac The Knife. Nothing might ever be equal.
Embracing the pleasant of ’70s surf, American coastal and proto-punk, Mac The Knife strut via crunchy and raucous anthems with a self-belief that says ‘get the fuck out of our manner.’

Born out of Sydney’s inner-west, Mac The Knife are slinging hits that go off like a bucket of prawn within the hot sun.
Consisting of Bryn Chapman-Parish on vocals, Ari ‘Campo-Kickons’ Tuaine on guitar, Jonny Sandstrom, Curtis Van Haasteren on guitar, and James Cripps on Bass, MTK belt out a reckless emblem of storage rock harking back to The Orwells, Black Lips, and Thee Oh Sees.

“The private darkest depths of the band’s history absolutely started out back in high school with a psych-reggae band called Weekend Offenders. Born out of the fiery sweat pit of our drummer Jonny’s storage, it becomes essentially Lewis Mosley (Cosmic Flanders, Georgia June) shredding it up on keys whilst the relaxation of us attempted to make some form of noise through hitting numerous objects. Curtis played rainmaker – it was warm,” the band says in their humble beginnings.

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“The band then went thru a few exceptional lineup and call adjustments (best authentic lovers will take into account The Kanunts or Bush bandits) until we eventually ended up with the large ol’ bag of amusing that is now Mac the Knife.”

“We commenced off gambling a couple indicates at our excessive college in and across the inner west. Many a nighttime become spent sneaking into pubs with fakies and getting banned from quite some venues because our target audience changed into made up of goon swigging young adults.”

“Finally, we all grew up a chunk (physically, not mentally) and feature emerges as the band of dropkicks we’re these days.”

In January, Mac The Knife released their tremendous debut EP Silvertongue. Full of thumping, uncontrollable guitar riffs, and insanely catchy hooks, the five-track EP was a protracted painting in progress.

“We genuinely began recording the EP in past due 2016 with the nicest boys inside the inner west Colby McQueen and Julian Boggs, however due to diverse motives it just kinda kept getting pushed returned. Bryn pissed off to Perth to fail at performing, Jonny and Curtis started out studying, James worked complete time and Ari started out complete time beers, even though he has now retired to ciders. But that ended up operating in our favor, it meant we had a chunk extra respiratory room.”

“We surely wanted to place something out that we may be proud of, and I think taking the time to absolutely tweak and twist the EP has helped us get a sound we’re stoked on.”

Throughout their illustrious profession, Mac The Knife have amassed a sturdy following via their always passionate live show.

“The high-quality gigs were those in which we’ve made some #lifelongfriends. From our first ever show with Egoism and Cosmic Flanders at Egg Records, to the primary time we were given Fishy with Ruth Carp and the Fish Heads. The early gigs with our large brother’s Hunch, to the beautiful blood-bathtub that became Ruby Hotel with Disclaimer,” they say.

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“And who ought to overlook absolutely the cookies which changed into COOKFEST2K16, which added us collectively with all the adorable oldsters at White Lodge Records. And that’s just to name a few. We’ve had a few bloody ripper indicates, right here’s to masses extra (arms crossed).“

For their new video Jack & Jill, Mac The Knife journey up the coast with their paranoid and in the long run murderous lead-singer. The outcomes are tragic. And entertaining.

“We went on a lil road ride up to stunning Newcastle with director Harrison Scott, DOP Cameron McCormack, and all round top bloke Jarred Cross. The filming becomes a blast. We’re so stoked with the end product. It’s a lil bit nasty, a lil bit saucy, however maximum of all it’s a lil bit bloody.”

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