State coverage on teacher schooling

Amidst the trends concerning scrapping of two-yr B.Ed program & suggesting many options consisting of four-12 months Integrated B.A-B.Ed/B.Sc-B.Ed program, it’s miles high time that J&K Govt. Rises to the event and formulates its own coverage on Teacher Education. It has been a long time now that J&K Govt. Isn’t always formulating any coverage record to cope with precise issues concerning School Education, Higher Education, Teacher Education, Professional Education & additionally instructor Education. Earlier, the State Govt. Might formulate a coverage on its very own & execute the equal very meaningfully thru its autonomous Higher Education institutions specifically the Universities. But now, no serious attempt is being made besides that State Govt. Waits at the receiving give up to acquire the suggestions & put into effect the identical.

N 2015, NCTC very hurriedly determined to extend the length of B.Ed from one to 2 years. Although the Justice Verma Committee file changed into made the baseline, without making use of the mind, the mere thrust on period simplest has proved to be Counterproductive. The reality of the matter is that when formulating the two-yr program, the senior academicians from the Universities & specialists within the subject of trainer Education across the Country had no longer been taken on board.

Senior academicians inside the Universities had expressed their reservations on this circulate announcing that without diagnosing the motive of disorder, one can’t manage to pay to increase the length of remedy from one to 2 years with no effective intervention. The higher course of action was to pick out the fault strains inside the current one-year B. Ed program & suggesting remedial/corrective measures, as a substitute right away extending the length of the program.


Feedback throughout 2015-17

During the closing 3 years, one batch of Students (2015-2017) has passed out with a 2-12 months B.Ed degree. Another batch (2016-2018) is likely to complete the program using August 2018. At the same time, it’s far sudden to note that the intake of students in Govt/Non-Govt. Institutions of Teacher Education have sharply decreased to an all-time low of 30% as the national average, which means that the revised B. Ed 2-yr program has didn’t entice the students’ consumers throughout the Country. The essential point to be stated is that even after undergoing 2-12 months of education, no sizable improvement has taken vicinity in the nice of a product.

The Supreme Court Verdict

It is pertinent to say that in 2005, Govt. Of Rajasthan filed an SLP in the Supreme Court in opposition to the selection of High Court at Jaipur in a case titled the Azhardin v/s State of Rajasthan, seeking de-recognition B.Ed ranges offered using the Universities of Kashmir & Jammu. The then leader Minister, late Mufti Mohammad Sayed, right away constituted a crew which includes the then Advocate General, Mr. Altaf Naik, representatives of Kashmir & Jammu Universities & consultant of Govt/Non-Govt. Colleges of Teacher Education from Kashmir & Jammu directed the group to defend their case in the Apex Court.

As Dean, Faculty of Education, I represented the 2 Universities in that group. The Rajasthan Govt. Pleaded that the two Universities & their affiliated Colleges aren’t identified by way of NCTE, therefore their B. Ed levels are not valid. Govt. Of J&K pleaded that NCTE Act of Parliament has now not been extended to J&K & consequently in search of recognition on NCTE does no longer stand up. After several hearings, subsequently, the Supreme Court brushed off the SLP filed via the Govt. Of Rajasthan. Under the Supreme Court Judgement, NCTE issued Circulars mentioning certainly that B.Ed tiers provided through the Universities of Kashmir & Jammu are valid for admission to higher research & employment at some point in India.

The Present Scenario

After Apex Court selection in 2005 till date (2018), no alternate has taken location. Therefore, it is vital for the State Govt. To formulate its own policy on instructor education in this sort of way that pleasant wise the instructor Education program is Compatible with main institutions at the National/International degree. The State Govt. May also constitute an excessive strength Committee which includes eminent professionals, representatives of the universities, and Govt./Non- Govt. Establishments to recollect the launching of broad-primarily based, complete & satisfactory orientated trainer Education programs within the Institutions of the State.


Inside the State of J&K, The following instructor Education program may be launched very effectively with no hiccups or deterrents.

1. Integrated 4-12 months B.A-B.Ed/B.Sc-B.Ed;

This program already run using 05 Regional Institutions of Education (NCERT) may be launched with a couple of go-out choices. The first exit on the stop of the First yr in which a candidate can exit with a Diploma in Pre-Primary Education(D.PP.Ed). Second, go out at the end of the second year wherein a candidate can go out with a Diploma in Elementary Education(D.El.Ed). The last go out after the successful final touch of the four-year program leading to an award B.A.-B.Ed or B.Sc-B.Ed diploma.

2. Integrated three-yr B.Ed-M.Ed program;

Since there’s a large majority of Graduate Candidates who cannot journey lower back to their 10+2 stage, consequently for such aspirants, the opportunity is to enroll in this program. This program can be run with a go-out choice after 18 months(3 semesters), wherein a candidate can exit with a B.Ed degree(Phase I), and finally, after the crowning glory of a three-yr program M.Ed diploma(Phase II) can be presented.

Teacher Education at CUK

Under the dynamic leadership of the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Mehraj-ud-din Mir, we’ve accomplished some high-quality benchmarks for our Teacher Education programs. A complete curriculum, most suitable & learner-centric curriculum transaction method, thrust on Practicum, complete internship schooling program, thrust on abilities through Microteaching/Simulated coaching, area research & citizenship schooling, transport of forty instructions in the exercise of coaching, emphasis on the utility of understanding via talent primarily based, potential primarily based & OGE( Peace Education, Value Education & Environmental Education) and compatibility between learning consequences & Graduation parameters are a number of the salient capabilities of our trainer training program. Our efforts have been mentioned by way of the specialists at the countrywide level. We shall sense privileged to provide our Consultancy to the State Govt. For the method of Teacher Education Policy, if it dreams so.


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