Mobile marvels and submersible smartphones unveiled at Barcelona

Within the days before smartphones attracted media interest that previously best-connected itself to film premieres and Hollywood stars, the annual Mobile International Congress alternate show in Barcelona was the place to launch a new cellphone. All that has been modified; however, the Barcelona show remains a fave to spot the coming generation’s traits. In a complex so huge that travelator conveyor belts were hooked up to ferry site visitors between the exhibition halls, many new gadgets on the show can be bewildering. Cut thru the noise, and a few shiny ideas emerge. Right here are six of the satisfactory – and Right here are some mice:

Water-resistant telephones

Whether they’re left outdoor Within the rain, positioned via the washing gadget, or dropped down the restroom, many telephones meet soggy ends. Because water damage is one of the most common motives for Cellular coverage claims, fairly few smartphones are offered as water-resistant. That could be approximately to trade. Motorola and Alcatel One Touch are production Water-resistant telephones with the assist of P2i – and enterprise hooked up to commercialize technologies developed with the UK government’s defense technology & technology laboratory. Inside the US, cellphone proprietors are doing it themselves for $60 (£forty). Liquipel installs cubicles in phone shops that use a vacuum chamber, fuel, and a piece of heat to coat the outside and inside of a telephone with a shielding layer 1,000 times thinner than a human hair.

Faraway-manipulate homes

With wise fridges, robotic hover-vacuum cleaners, and carpets that come complete with computer chips, In the tufts send out a signal announcing after they need cleaning, the Faraway-control domestic is starting to transport out of the world of technology fiction. The smartphone ought to soon allow us to remotely lock to the front door, feed the pets simultaneously as on holiday, and take a look at what meals are Inside the refrigerator at the same time as at work. However, the generation isn’t pretty tiptop, but: LG’s flying saucer-shaped vacuum cleaner is more wonderful than it’s far purposeful, and there may be no robotic monitoring the contents of its smart refrigerator – a list still has to be laboriously up to date via hand.

Glove-friendly Touch screens

Answering a name or the usage of a smartphone map outdoor on a cold iciness’s day need now not imply the problem of doing away with gloves -or the purchase of touchscreen well-matched mittens. Huawei’s flagship Ascend P2, released this week, and Nokia’s Lumia 920 are each conscious of fabric as well as pores and skin. Prodding the Huawei handset with an index finger included using thick coat material proved this turned into now not an empty declare – however, beloved textual content typing probably remains a pipe dream for now.

3-d revealed smartphone cases

Described as the closest thing to teleportation, the most state-of-the-art 3D printers can replica an item in a single area and reproduce it millimeter for millimeter in another. Those steeply-priced machines are not often noticed outside design studios. However, a company referred to as Makerbot has made scaled-down versions designed for the home. Nokia is the usage of them to permit clients to design personalized phone instances. The fabric being used is a corn-primarily based plastic. This is additionally biodegradable. Folks who do not want to shop for a three-D printer can pick their case color, texture, and inscriptions online and have the finished product despatched In the publish.

Voice-managed vehicle radio

Shouting at the radio ought to quickly be normal behavior. Ford has teamed up with the world’s biggest music-streaming library, Spotify, to create a voice-managed radio for the automobile. The era connects the smartphone to the dashboard and is activated by a button on the steerage wheel. Thus, it most effectively works with the iPhone and in a single Ford version; however, That would exchange if the concept catches on.



Price range smartphones

With Apple and Samsung promoting maximum of the arena’s steeply-priced phones, Nokia’s flagship models have struggled to draw customers. These 12 months, it has set its attractions firmly at the Budget stop of the market However, telephones have most of the capabilities determined better up the meals chain. Nokia used the Cell Global Congress to launch the €139 (£one hundred twenty) Lumia 520, which goes on sale in Europe Inside the second area of this 12 months. There is just one digicam that is rear-going through, so no video Skype calls. Still, it does include Nokia’s especially rated maps, which offer spoken guidelines similar to a satnav. For beneath £a hundred, a panoply of Android handsets at the moment are available too, which Google claims to provide the entire cellphone experience.


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