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To get to House of Rainbow, you switch off the Apata Road from Ibadan on the Moco petrol station, and you make your way down rutted music thru a cluttered market. Ibadan is Yoruba’s heartland, the place’s industrial hub, and the house of what turned into as soon as Africa’s maximum illustrious university. Here, on Ibadan’s western fringes, shanty-commerce rubs against gated residential compounds, and on the top of the track, you enter the sort of three homes, in numerous tiers of misery, round a vehicle park.

You knock on the door thru the locked gate on the corner unit of one of the homes; once you are appraised via the keyhole, the gate could be unlocked, and you’ll enter a residing room with white plastic chairs set in makeshift pews around an altar, under a rainbow banner with the word “PEACE” painted on to it. Pastor Jude Onwambor – a furniture-salesman with the aid of day – will remind you that whilst you’re to “comport yourselves decently” on arrival, you’re now unfastened to take your female attire from your baggage and grow to be your proper selves, the “daughters” or “darlings” (dar-liiiiiiiiiiiings!) you are.

Pastor Jude, in his 30s, is genial and taciturn; his deputy, Ayo, a decade younger, is a motor-mouthed rap poet, wiry and explosive: “Peace! Do not be afraid! You are not going to die!” he exclaimed all through his sermon the day I visited, in October 2014. He changed into bringing up Judges 6 23. “As we concentrate on those phrases today, we feel the peace that has been missing in our minds,” he said in his sermon. It turned into some months after Nigeria’s Same-Sex Marriage (Prohibition) Act have been signed into law using its president, Goodluck Jonathan.

This is the sector’s most harsh anti-gay law outdoor of Islamic sharia. There are obligatory sentences of 14 years for any “homosexual behavior,” and you could be prosecuted for no longer handing over a homosexual neighbor, buddy, or family member. “If ever anyone is telling you you’re no longer perfect, tell them that God made you,” Ayo persevered, “and God does no longer make mistakes. He says, ‘I’ve selected you to be a prophet, to be different, to be particular.’ Tell your neighbor, ‘I’m unique!’” “I’m particular!” the congregants – younger men and “TVs,” as transgender ladies are known as themselves – murmured to each other, a quiet ripple of self-affirmation throughout the room.


“We aren’t the only ones passing thru this,” Ayo concluded his sermon, the day I visited. “In Uganda, they’re dealing with the equal thing. In Russia, they’re dealing with the equal component. So I encourage us to be calm, targeted on our education, paintings, and health reputation, to cost something we’re doing thoroughly. God will grant us our peace.” House of Rainbow has been around since 2005 when a legendary activist named Jide Macaulay started the first bankruptcy in Lagos, Nigeria’s mega-metropolis 130km to the south of Ibadan. Two years later, he turned into forced to depart Nigeria after he came out in the neighborhood media, and he is now an ordained Anglican deacon in Britain. With funding he had raised, Reverend Jide – as he becomes universally acknowledged – rented this flat, certainly one of several underground House of Rainbow “nearby organizations” in Nigerian towns.

That day, the guys I met had horror testimonies from even earlier than the brand new law were exceeded. Charles, a younger physiotherapy aide in tight lemon slacks and a frilly vest now that he became inside, used male pronouns but understood himself to be a “TV” and dreamed of gender transition somewhere, by some means. He changed into discovered having intercourse with a chum, he informed me and subjected to a forty-day deliverance method within the own family church that concerned being overwhelmed repeatedly with a broom. “If you attempt to kill the homosexual in me, you will kill me,” he had subsequently said to his mom.

Charles’ pal Desmond, lithe and handsome, affected an area-boy (avenue-thug) fashion and boasted of his conquests. He was arrested two times: frame-u.S. A few months once I met him, Desmond could be arrested for the 3rd time, considered one of 21 younger guys attending a party. Following a complaint via a neighbor, there was a police raid: they discovered 122 condoms in a bag belonging to an HIV peer-educator and based on this and the reality that there has been no ladies gift, they arrested the men on suspicion of being part of a “homosexual cult.” That was resolved through the paying of a bribe. Faced with the possibility of 14 years’ imprisonment, the men or their households discovered the budget had to bribe their captors, between 10,000 and 25,000 nairas each (between US$60 and US$150).

Although there had been almost no prosecutions beneath the new law, enacting it had – Jide Macaulay instructed me – “damaged into the very houses of LGBTI people” because of the manner “it lets in the family to snitch on every different” and “makes matters impossible in fitness, in the place of job, in housing. Anyone has an excuse to disclaim your housing, or remedy, or a roof over your head. In Nigeria, you have to position down a yr’s deposit on a place: the owner unearths out you’re homosexual, he chucks you out and keeps the money. What are you going to do?”

A 2016 Human Rights Watch document observed that the regulation’s impact changed into “far-accomplishing and extreme”: it had become “a tool utilized by a few law enforcement officials and individuals of the public to legitimize more than one human rights violations perpetrated in opposition to LGBTI people,” such as “torture, sexual violence, arbitrary detention, violations of due system rights, and extortion.” HRW became specifically worried about “rising incidents of mob violence” against suspected homosexuals.


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