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What to do to reduce the high rise of car crimes

Most of us live an honest life, working hard to make ends meet. Some people, on the other hand, think they can take shortcuts to benefit from innocent citizens. Despite the efforts of insurance companies, some people manage to steal cars from the parking of homes. Car crimes are on the rise in most parts of the country

Statics reveal that there are about 300,000 cases of car theft reported every year. We concentrate on the safety of the home and forget about the surroundings. You can make your car not prone to theft by increasing the security measures regardless of where you are. Where do you start?

Upgrade your outdoor security

How safe are your surroundings at home? Don’t set alarms inside the house and forget to install motion sensors outside. They inform you of any suspicious activity from intruders. Install video surveillance near your parking spot to have sufficient evidence if anyone touches your car. This device has video access that allows you to watch your driveway even if you are far from home.

Make use of the car alarm


Most models come with car alarms that are mostly a nuisance to the neighbors. This alarm can save you from theft since they alert you of intruders near your car. Most thieves think twice of going near vehicles thanks to this car alarm.

Your alarm may have a pager to indicate if they activate your car. It also comes with an ignition detector, a tilt sensor, and a perimeter. You don’t need to press the button for it to be activated. If you are using an old model that does not have an alarm, you can always call a professional to fit it for security purposes.

Utilize a car immobilizer

This prevents a thief from starting your car if they don’t have the right keys. Most thieves use wires to start up cars. The immobilizer prevents them from starting your vehicle by stopping the running of the engine. It gives you sufficient time to check your vehicle before they can go further.

Get a tracking system

This might cost you additional expenses, but it cannot match the value of your car, don’t you agree? A tracking system needs a transmitter to conceal it in your car. It is hard for a thief to note that your vehicle is being tracked. You can recover your car if it is stolen thanks to the tracker.

They come in two forms namely GPS system and VHF system. You can track your vehicle when it is on the street using the GPS system while the VHF can follow it even if the thief hides it a storage container or somewhere underground. The systems can also immobilize particular functions of your car to deter a thief.

You can opt for steering locks


You can get these cheap locks that hinder a thief from using a steering wheel easily when you are not using the car. They come in bright colors from the flashing lights that intimidate an intruder, keeping your vehicle safe. You also get a lockable bar from your purchase.

Always keep the doors locked

Most people assume that since the car is in the home garage, it is not necessary to close the door. You can never be too sure. Some people forget to lock the car when they are going shopping for a few minutes. Those minutes can save your car from a crime. Ensure that your windows are closed even when you are at a petrol station. If you have a pet inside, you can leave a small penetration.

Don’t leave the keys inside your car even if you have locked your car in the garage. You would have made the work easy for a person who can access your car. Avoid placing your keys near the front door. Some people use a coat hanger to hook the ring of the key effortlessly.

Don’t leave valuables in your car

Even if you are parking your vehicle home, don’t leave expensive stuff in your vehicle where thieves can access them. Do not tempt an intruder by leaving things like laptops, phones or briefcases on display inside your car. A windscreen protector and belongings cover can also come in handy.

Use a secure parking


Make use of a garage to store your car instead of an open place at home. The CPI security can install a garage door control for you. It enhances security by putting you in control of your garage. You have sensors that indicate any unauthorized activity near your car.

If you are away from home, use secure parks that have CCTV to prevent car crimes. Avoid parking in a street that is public. This exposure increases the risk of car crime.

Make use of a kill switch

This switch prevents your car from starting when you turn it off. The installation is simple, and you upgrade your car’s security by giving a thief a hard time to get away with it.

Mark or etch your car

Apart from the number plates which can be tampered with, most cars are similar. That is why you should mark or etch your vehicle. You can use an ultra-violet marking pen or encoded micro-dots that make it easy to identify your car if it is stolen. Alternatively, you can ingrain your registration number on the light covers of the windows of your vehicle. You can recover your car in case of a theft.

Avoid leaving your car running when you are not using it

It may seem like common sense, but this happens, and the result is another car crime reported. Killing your ignition no matter how close you are from the car can prevent someone who is fast enough from stealing your car.

Final thoughts

From the above, we can tell that it is easy to prevent car theft using safety features and remaining cautious. An appropriate insurance cover can come in handy if you are a victim of car theft. Start by changing your habits and installing the safety features we have discussed because your car is like your second home. Losing it would be devastating, right?