25 hidden features from iOS 8, Apple’s new operating system

1. Emergency Health I’d

Powered by using Apple’s new HealthKit, Emergency Health, I’d let anybody get entry to basic and potentially existence-saving Health statistics out of your iPhone’s lock display screen. To set it up, open the Fitness app, faucet Clinical I’d on the bottom right, and upload as lots or as little information as you sense comfortable with. While you faucet the Emergency button on the bottom left of your lock display, you’ll also discover the option to view your Scientific info and emergency contact numbers.

Delete messages ios8
Tip #three: Delete antique messages

2. Auto delete messages

If you’ve been using your iPhone for a long time, you’ll have built up a pretty archive of text messages. This may take up plenty of unnecessary space (do you really want the texts and pix of the one from two years in the past?). IOS 8 now permits you to mechanically delete those vintage messages after 30 days or 365 days, doubtlessly liberating up gigabytes of the garage. Faucet Settings > Messages and scroll all the way down to Message History earlier than choosing how lengthy you’d want to preserve your antique messages.

Snapchat-style movies ios8
Tip #3: Self-destructing videos

3. Snapchat-Like photos and movies

You can now ship instant self-destructing movies, audio clips, and photographs for your contacts thru iMessage, no longer unlike Snapchat. To ship a picture, visit your message window and tap, and keep the digital camera icon at the left-hand facet. A small circular window will emerge, permitting you’re taking a short snap. A word of warning: as soon as the picture or video has been shot, it’s going to ship immediately; there is no affirmation or edit display, so ensure you don’t test this one while sitting in the restroom.

iOS 8

4. Swipe notifications for my part

Swiping down at the pinnacle of your screen will display your cellphone’s Notification Centre. Right here, you’ll be knowledgeable of diverse indicators and app-related statistics. When you have many apps and acquire a lot of messages, this phase can get cluttered and messy. In the past, you can use the simplest clean those notifications or by no means. However, with the aid of swiping left, You could now clean every notification, in my opinion.

Trade photograph exposure ios8
Tip #5: Changing publicity

5. Publicity manage

It’s no secret that Apple’s iSight camera has continually been lacking in advanced features, particularly when compared with the likes of Nokia or Samsung. Fortuitously, Apple appears to be keen to exchange this with the advent of exposure control. While taking an image, tap where you desire to consciousness the screen (or tap and maintain to lock the focal point), and you’ll see a small solar icon appear. Drag it up or all the way down to manually control the publicity stages at the fly.


6. Disguise pix from Photostream

When you have some unpleasant or embarrassing pix in your Photostream which you want to maintain but might alternatively different people didn’t see, you’re in success. Locate the offending photograph, tap, maintain and select Disguise from the menu that pops up. The image will now be quarantined in an album called Hidden, which You may get admission to with the aid of commencing your photos app and selecting Albums Within the bottom proper nook. To position the image lower back in which you located it, go to the Hidden album, tap and maintain your picture, and pick Unhide.

7. Swipe brief Type away

iOS 8 noticed the creation of quick Type, which is meant to intelligently advocate words you’d like to apply before operating them for fast typing. It does, however, take up loads of space, and a few human beings don’t find it mainly beneficial. Casting off it is a breeze: faucet everywhere at the advocate words and swipe downwards. A small gray bar is all to stay; swipe the bar upwards. If you want to convey the pointer’s lower back.

Save battery ios8
Tip #eight: Battery utilization

8. Battery hogging apps

If you find that your battery appears to be jogging out of juice all the time, but you don’t recognize why this tip will be a godsend. Go to Settings > Preferred > usage > Battery usage. You’ll see a breakdown of all the apps you’ve been using and what sort of battery power they’ve been eating up as a way to provide you with a higher idea of what apps you may need to regularly near down or uninstall.

Short message responds ios8.
Tip #nine: short replies

9. Quick respond to messages with the aid of swiping down on notification banners

Any time you obtain textual content or iMessage, You could swipe downwards at the notification banner, which allows you to open a small message window. Kind your reply and hit ship. This feature is specifically useful for individuals who dislike the faff of exiting an app if you want to send a response earlier than re-entering the app they have been in before receiving a message.

Recover deleted photographs ios8
Tip #10: get better-deleted pix

10. Get better these days deleted pictures

By default, iOS 8 will now keep all of your deleted pix in an album known as lately Deleted. They’ll stay on this album for 30 days earlier than they’re in the long run deleted forever. To discover the folder, head to pictures > Albums. You might be surprised how many antique pix are in there. If you don’t like the 30-day buffer sector, I’m afraid you cannot currently disable This feature. Your satisfactory guess is to open the album, tap pick out Within the pinnacle proper nook, after which faucet Delete All Inside the backside right corner.


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