Blogger slams Topshop for STILL not promoting clothes for bigger ladies

A plus size blogger has slammed Topshop for nonetheless now not wearing plus sizes, regardless of their latest advent of half of the size denim for those who war to find the right in shape.

Callie Thorpe, from London, tweeted her anger that the store does not make garments above a size sixteen after she discovered the news about their new jeans, which was announced in advance this month.

She branded Topshop ‘wild’ for introducing even more alternatives for those who can already store in the shop, at the same time as refusing to satisfy the wishes of those who do not in shape in any in their clothes.

Other plus length women joined in the size 24 blogger’s outrage on the brand, with many announcing they have got in no way be capable of putting on Topshop garments.

The common girl inside the UK is a length sixteen, meaning many customers may not be capable of the match into Topshop garments if they arrive up small and those who’re bigger are excluded absolutely.

MailOnline has contacted representatives for Topshop and is watching for the remark.

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Callie snapped a picture of an article she’d study in a magazine that said Topshop’s pass to deliver out half of the size denim proves ‘length does depend’.

But Callie disagreed, calling out the logo for now not expanding their range to in shape girls above a length sixteen.

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