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4 Important Benefits of Recording Videos in 4K

Have you started to record videos in 4K already? Although you may feel that you don’t need to record in 4K, the fact of the matter is that it can provide numerous benefits – regardless of whether you want to work with or output 4K videos at all.

To be more specific some of the more important benefits of recording videos in 4K include:

  • Sharper videos with better definition – even when downscaled

It goes without saying that 4K videos have better definition than 1080p or any other lower-resolution video. However what you may not realize is that videos recorded in 4K have better definition even after they are downscaled to 1080p.

In short recording videos in 4K will help you to create sharper videos with better quality – at any resolution.

  • Can be cropped and reframed with greater flexibility

One of the big benefits of recording in 4K is that videos can then be cropped are reframed with a lot more flexibility because you are working in a higher resolution. In fact if you intend to export the video in 1080p, you can afford to crop out a significant part of it without affecting its quality.

Make no mistake this benefit is very powerful and will not only let you adjust the aspect ratio of your video, but reframe parts of it as close-ups or extreme close-ups too.

  • Software stabilization works better in 4K

Although it is always best to keep your camera stable while you record videos sometimes that just isn’t possible. Instead, you will have to rely on software stabilization in post-production to attempt to salvage the video.

That stabilization can work better in 4K. The higher resolution and quality will make it easier for software to stabilize the video. On top of that stabilization requires that part of the video be cropped – which is less likely to affect its quality if the resolution is high.

  • High quality images can be pulled from it

If you were to pull images from a 4K video and 1080p video and compare them side by side, the difference in their quality would be plain as day. The increased resolution of 4K makes a world of difference, especially to image stills that you capture.

To be completely honest the quality of 4K videos is often high enough that you can pull still images for print – which is generally not possible at lower resolutions.

The only caveat that you need to be aware of is that if you intend to record 4K videos you need to be prepared to manage them. In other words you need an editor that supports 4K videos, as well as a 4K video converter.

Alongside 4K video cameras, the other tools recorded to handle and manipulate 4K videos are becoming more commonplace as well. Suffice to say you shouldn’t have any problem finding the tools that you need, and can enjoy the benefits that come with recording in 4K videos as soon as you do.