What Is The Alone Season 8 Location?

Alone Season 8: Where Are They Now? Update on the Contestants Today

For a long time, The History Channel’s Alone has confronted its candidates with unquestionably cruel wild circumstances. Nonetheless, the truth endurance series arrived at another degree of risk in its eighth season. Season 8 debuted on The History Channel in June 2021, however, every one of the 12 episodes didn’t drop to Netflix until June 30, 2022. So here in this article let’s know about the Alone season 8 location.

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About Alone Tv Series:

For each time of Alone, The History Channel chooses 10 individuals from a gathering of candidates and sends them to a distant area in the wild. Every hopeful should endure totally all alone, except for well-being registrations. Generally, contenders should utilize assets tracked down in nature, yet the show permits them to bring 10 things from home. Furthermore, every member gets a survival kit, including emergency treatment and a satellite telephone.

The keep-going individual leftover on the show gets $500,000 and the fulfillment of realizing they have great basic instincts. Before, Alone has tossed in a couple of turns, including a 100-day challenge with a $1 million monetary reward. Moreover, season 4 included a group design where gatherings of two cooperated.

Many fanatics of Alone have commended the series as one of the most practical and exciting endurance shows. As per IMDb, Alone has the most elevated crowd rating among endurance series.

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About Alone Season 8

Alone is a show that leaves its contenders disconnected with restricted assets of endurance kinds of gear. The contenders are given a pack of standard hardware, dress, and medical aid/crisis supplies. They can pick any ten things of endurance gear from a pre-supported rundown of 40 things. The members are likewise given a bunch of cameras to catch their everyday existence encounters and feelings during the shows.

The eighth time of Alone is supposed to be the most dangerous one ever for the Science Channel endurance show. The reason for the show includes passing on a gathering to chase after themselves in a couple of the world’s most terrible conditions. The candidates on Alone, as most endurance master shows, should figure out how to manage the outside’s difficult components and dominant hunters like wild bears, cougars, and wolves. It’s additionally not a simple undertaking.

The eighth time Alone debuted was on June 3, 2021. The current year’s cast incorporates Biko Wright, Theresa Emmerich Kamper, Nate Weber, Jordan Ringer, Corradino, Mud Hayes, Michelle Finn, Rose Anna Moore, Colter Barnes, Tim Madsen, and Jordan Chime, according to The History Channel.

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Where Was Alone Season 8 Filmed?

Alone Season 8 started off on Thursday, June 3, 2021. As indicated by The History Channel, the current year’s cast incorporates Colter Barnes, Corradino, Michelle Finn, Dirt Hayes, Rose Anna Moore, Theresa Emmerich Kamper, Nate Weber, Tim Madsen, Jordan Chime, and Biko Wright.

Season 8 of “Alone” was completely shot in British Columbia. The westernmost region of Canada, sandwiched between both the Rough Mountain range and the Pacific Sea, is home to a lot of untamed, desolate scenes. It is the ideal site for a food series to be recorded in view of its rough territory, tremendous knolls, tropical rainforests, and dry deserts. However, most of season 8’s shooting occurred in a rustic district of British Columbia.

Season 8 has acquainted hopefuls with a peril they’ve never confronted: wild bears. As Diversion Week after week detailed, Grizzly Mountain contains the densest populace of wild bears, the deadliest hunter in North America.

Thus, not exclusively should prepare alone season 8’s candidates to endure the unforgiving weather patterns, the absence of assets, and the sheer depression, yet in addition risky creatures. Notwithstanding mountain bears, the hopefuls risk altercations with wolves, cougars, and more ravenous hunters.

The members viewed Chilko Lake as one of the most troublesome areas because of the unsafe circumstances, which were incidentally just excruciating. Also, the way that wild bears are known to possess the region didn’t make the fearless survivalists’ lives any simpler.

Like all unscripted TV dramas that were shot during the pandemic, the cast, and a group of individuals needed to follow severe Coronavirus wellbeing conventions to ensure no one became ill or uncovered any other person. Fortunately, survivalist shows like Alone enjoy a benefit in that their reason is that they’re completely secluded, at any rate. Candidates needed to isolate for a considerable length of time before they started shooting the season, and the equivalent probably went for the group. And keeping in mind that they were on set, almost certainly, no one was permitted to leave.

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About British Columbia:

British Columbia is home to islands, serene bays along the coast, and some of the most picturesque cities in the world. British Columbia is a natural gem with 10 mountain ranges west of the Canadian Rockies. It is the only province where you can play golf and ski on the same day.

The wildlife of British Columbia is home to over 50% of Canada’s grizzly bears. Opportunities to see bears range from chance encounters on the roads to luxurious adventures in the wild.

The landscape of British Columbia is an amazing landscape of snow-capped mountains and glaciers. Glaciers are retreating due to climate change. The Helm Glacier in the southwest and the Illesilhouet Glacier in the hinterland have retreated more than 1,100 meters over the past century.

A stunningly gorgeous district with amazing perspectives on valleys, streams, lakes, cascades, and snow-covered mountains. The Kootenay Rockies are home to four of British Columbia’s seven public stops and are abounding with natural life.

Ready Narrows is a charming spot to see wonderful carvings and hear interesting stories. Visit the otherworldly island of Haida Gwaii. Traveling to the island is a fascinating movement with regards to itself, with perspectives on the British Columbian coast prompting the twist in the Haida Gwaii Islands. The unblemished islands are canvassed in rainforests, and seashores, and are home to antiquated command hierarchies. Try not to miss the Haida Legacy Center at Hai Lnagaai, Louise Island, and Umista Social Center. The last option is an exhibition hall where the dedication chain of command is still in its unique area.

Lake Chilco is located in the Canadian province of British Columbia and is considered one of the largest natural highland freshwater lakes in all of North America. It is located between Lake Taseko and Lake Tatlayoko in a narrow valley surrounded by spurs of the southeastern part of the Coast Range. The fresh waters of Lake Chilcoe are rich in fish species such as salmon, lake whitefish, and rainbow trout. Today, most of the reservoir is located on the territory of the provincial park Tsilos.

The Chilco area is 180 square kilometers. The maximum depth that occurs in the lake is 365 meters, and the average is 108 meters. Its length reaches 65 kilometers. The lake is fed by melted glaciers. Some of the highest peaks in British Columbia are located near Chilco Lake.

Chilko Lake ended up being one of the most difficult areas for the members as a result of the deceptive circumstances, which were at times out and out excruciating. Likewise, the way that the region is known to have wild bears didn’t make the existence of the bold survivalists any simpler.


You can watch seasons 1 through 7 on Hulu if you have a membership. The History Channel series’ currently aired its eighth season is not yet available on Hulu. Thankfully, History TV provides free access to all of Alone’s seasons!

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