5 MUST-TRY Street Foods in Sydney


Sydney is the most populous city in Australia. It was founded by Governor Arthur Phillip on 26 January 1788 and named after King George III’s wife, Queen Catherine. The name “Sydney” comes from an Aboriginal word meaning “friend.” In 1816, a convict settlement was established at Parramatta, later known as Sydney City. By 1840, it had become the first capital of the New South Wales colony. Today, Sydney has grown to be one of the world’s largest cities, with over 8 million residents. In terms of food, there are many street foods that you can try out while walking around this beautiful city. Here we have listed 5 MUST-TRY Street Foods in Sydney.


When you get to Sydney, the most popular dish you will encounter in the street is Barramundi. This delicious seafood is usually served deep-fried or grilled. You may find them being sold whole or filleted. They come in different sizes and colors, depending upon their freshness. If they look too dark, they might not taste good because they were overcooked. So make sure you buy your Barramundi when it looks bright orange.

The price for a serving ranges between $10 -$15. However, if you want to enjoy more flavors, you should order the marinated version. For only $1 extra, you can add lemon juice, soy sauce, sesame oil, chili flakes, etc., into the mix. These ingredients give the fish a unique flavor. You can also ask for a side salad like cucumber slices, carrot sticks, tomato wedges, onion rings, etc. You can be assured that Barramundi is an excellent choice for any occasion.

*Fish and Chips

Don’t miss trying these unique dishes if you love fish and chips when you get to Sydney. There are lots of places where you can get this mouthwatering combination. Remember to go for the battered style rather than breaded ones when enjoying this meal. Breaded versions tend to dry up quickly, so choose the batter option instead. Also, avoid eating fried potatoes alone; opt for coleslaw or tartar sauce.

You can easily spot these restaurants selling fish and chips all across the city. Some even sell them during lunchtime. But if you’re looking for something special, head towards Bondi Beach. A lot of tourists visit here, especially during summertime. And what better way to spend your day than sitting under the sun having a plate full of fish and chips?. In terms of prices, this dish costs about $12 per portion.

*Meat Pies

This is another favorite street food you will see everywhere in Sydney. Made using minced beef, pork, lamb, chicken, bacon, cheese, onions, etc., meat pies are baked inside a pastry shell. They are often eaten hot but sometimes cold. There are two types of meat pie available in Sydney – the traditional kind is made with shortcrust pastry, and the other is made with puff pastry. Both styles are equally tasty.

In general, the cost of a single piece ranges between $3-$6. However, if you prefer sweet pies, you need to pay double the amount. Prices vary according to the size of the pie. More miniature pies are cheaper compared to larger ones. Something interesting with meat pie is that they are always accompanied by gravy. Gravy is a mixture of flour, water, butter, salt, pepper, sugar, milk, etc. All of these elements combine to create a rich-tasting gravy. There are several places where you can grab a slice of meat pie. One such place is located near Circular Quay. Another location is opposite Central Station. Yet another area is found along Oxford St. The best time to try out this delicacy is at night as fewer people are around.

*Crispy Duck Legs

These crispy duck legs are an Australian specialty gaining popularity over the years. It’s no surprise why since they have become quite addictive. The crispy duck leg is cooked until golden brown and comes with a spicy sauce. To prepare this dish, first, remove the skin from the duck legs. Then cut it into small pieces. Next, season the duck legs with salt and pepper before frying them in deep fryers filled with vegetable oil. Once done, serve immediately while still warm. If you decide to buy this delicious snack, make sure to check its expiration date. This product expires after six months. So, do not forget to purchase fresh products.

There are many stores which offer this item. Most of them are situated in Chinatown. You’ll find some shops right next to each other. For example, you can walk down Pitt St and turn left onto Doyles Creek Rd. Or, take the train to Wynyard station and exit via Exit 1. From there, follow the signs leading to Chippendale Rd. Walk straight ahead until you reach Chippendale Rd and Liverpool Rd. Turn right and continue walking till you come across a row of Chinese supermarkets. Expect to pay anywhere between $10 -$15 per serving in terms of price.

*Crab sticks

This is one of those dishes you should include on your list when visiting Australia. These little snacks are usually served alongside beer or wine. Unlike their name suggests, these aren’t made out of real crabs. Instead, they are battered and fried in shape similar to crab legs. When ordering, ask for extra bread to don’t end up overeating. Also, be careful not to order more than four because most establishments only allow customers to eat three servings. As mentioned earlier, prices range from $2-$4 depending on how significant the portion is. Some restaurants also charge additional fees for delivery services. But, if you want to save money, you may opt to go directly to the restaurant instead of having someone deliver it to you.

You will find plenty of street food vendors selling these items throughout the city. They’re mainly concentrated in the Kings Cross area, but you can easily spot them elsewhere. Just look for stalls offering seafood dishes. Alternatively, you could visit any of the numerous markets scattered around town. Here, you would see various types of seafood being sold.

Final thought:

If you love trying new foods, you must add these five items to your bucket list! Hopefully, you enjoyed reading about our top 5 favorite street foods in Sydney. We hope we can help you plan your trip better. Also, consider Cathay Pacific when traveling because they offer great deals on flights. And, if you need assistance booking friendly airfares.


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