Best Bikes for Working Women and College Girls

Women are a growing market for two-wheeler manufacturers. There have been some efforts to make vehicles geared specifically to meet women’s requirements, such as the Honda Activa-i, Hero Pleasure, and the TVS Scooty Pep. But which two-wheelers should the woman of today consider? Here’s a list of five of the best bikes for women in the marketplace today.

TVS Scooty Zest 110

The Scooty Zest is a small, lightweight scooter that weighs 103kg but boasts a bigger heart. The 110cc motor generates 7.7bhp and 8.8Nm, which is quite a bit of performance for something that looks small, making it one of the best bikes for women. The under-seat storage is quite big for its overall size. The compact size will help learners’ confidence, and the performance will keep the experienced riders entertained.

Yamaha Fascino

The Fascino falls in the 125cc scooter segment and generates 8bhp and 9.7Nm. It is a proper, full-size scooter and offers features such as a front disc brake. However, it still plays catch up on the features front, with its instrument cluster being an analog one and no Bluetooth connectivity.

Suzuki Gixxer/SF

Suzuki’s 150cc motorcycles aren’t the bestselling ones of the lot, but they certainly are among the lightest in the segment, and they have one of the lowest seat heights. The SF offers a fairing for those women who would love to have a sportbike look for their motorcycle. It offers good performance, with 13.4bhp and 13.8Nm from its 155cc BS6 engine. ABS is standard, as is a rear disc brake. A two-wheeler loan can be your best bet to bring home a bike that is priced over a lakh.


Bajaj Avenger Street 160

If a low-seat height is what you want, a cruiser is what you’re looking for. The Avenger Street 160’s seat height of 737mm is the lowest of all the two-wheelers mentioned here. The Suzuki Intruder 150 has a slightly lower seat height, but the Avenger’s classic styling will probably be far more preferable than the Intruder’s macho looks to most women. The Avenger Street 160 offers a fair bit of performance, with 15bhp and 14Nm from its 160cc engine. Owning a two-wheeler has never been easier for a woman, with lenders offering two-wheeler loans at attractive interest rates. Two-wheeler loan eligibility is minimal, making it easy for the working woman or the college-going girl to get herself a bike and all the freedom that comes with it.


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