Gaming to win Intel Challenge Katowice

A new woman international champion has been topped in Katowice, Poland. Team Dignitas Female received the Intel Challenge Katowice 2018 earlier today after defeating the defending international champion RES Gaming the day before today. RES Gaming formerly beat them in the grand finals of the ultimate 12 months’ event and performed below the Team Secret banner. For the primary time in Intel Challenge records, the trio of Julia “Juliano” Kiran, Ksenia “villa” Kluenkova, and Zainab “zAAz” Turkey are not the reigning champions. On the road to their identity win, Dignitas breezed through their GSL-fashion group with fine-of-one wins towards Team Singularity Female (Inferno 19-17) and Keyd Stars Female (Overpass 16-4).

Dignitas’ biggest task became RES, whose title-winning trio became keen to move on to their fourth consecutive Intel Challenge grand very last. RES took map one Inferno 16-11, but Dignitas showed up on Nuke and Train with 16-five and sixteen-6 scorelines. Amanda “rain” Smith and Mounira “GooseBreeder” Dobie did the most harm against the European facet, as they each accrued an average of 22 kills in step with the map of their enormous disenchanted RES Gaming.

To give up their run in Katowice, the North American women overwhelmed Squared Female in maps—Inferno sixteen-2 and Train sixteen-4. Goosebreeder placed up huge numbers again on Inferno at 26 frags and a 121.2 common damage per round, with Kiara “milk” Makua supporting out on Train at 26 kills and a 123.7 ADR. Carolyn “art star” Noquez additionally picked up a one-vs- ninja defuse grab on Train to preserve Squared’s T aspect to a minimum in Dignitas’ triumphing map.


With this victory in Katowice under their belt, Dignitas is the newest female champion in Counter-Strike. They’re the first group to take home an international win for the Dignitas organization seeing that October 2016 at EPICENTER 2016, while a male Danish squad led via Mathias “MSL” Lauridsen conquered the gambling field.
Mousesports have championed over again at StarSeries season four, as they have finished their hard tournament run with a win over Natus Vincere.

Even with a crowd of fans supporting Na’Vi—the home team on the $300,000 Ukrainian occasion—Mouz wiped clean up properly within the finale of the week-long tournament with a 2-1 series win towards the CIS powerhouse. Oleksander “s1mple” became arguably the maximum precious player of the grand finals. Still, tactically, Mouz’s in-sport chief Chris “chrisJ” de Jong became an MVP in a different feel—more often than not because he had extra special reads, and he filled the secondary AWP role with pivotal effect frags.

Mouz ignored to prohibit Overpass, certainly one of Na’Vi’s exceptional maps, and they really paid the rate for it. I’ve streaked rounds collectively and kept their opponents out of the sport, kicking off the collection with an outstanding 11-four T facet 1/2. The overpass, in the end, resulted in favor of Na’Vi at a sixteen-7 scoreline. Mirage changed into the most severe map of the collection, with way too many unpredictable moments. Na’Vi’s weaknesses showed throughout the complete map, as their abysmal T facet become the first-rate factor of complaint about analysts.

Mouz but stole the sport at 22-18 once they back to the CT aspect. Late clutches and multi kills from s1mple allowed for a Na’Vi comeback past due in the sport, but the map nevertheless went into extra time. After trading 11-four halves, numerous extra one-vs-two clutches from Denis “digital” Sharipov stored Na’Vi inside the first time beyond regulation. Chris hit massive defensive AWP multi-skills in double additional time and reached forty-one kills to outshine s1mple’s all-celebrity performance of 43 frags.

Ith wNa’Vi’s weaknesses throughout the map, as their abysmal T facet became a major criticism factor for analysts. Mirage was the most severe map of the collection, with way too many unpredictable moments. Late clutches and multi-kills from s1mple allowed for a Na’Vi comeback late in the game. However, the map nonetheless went into overtime. After buying and selling 11-four halves, numerous more one-vs-two clutches from Denis “digital” Sharipov stored Na’Vi in the first additional time. Mouz but stole the sport at 22-18 after they returned to the CT facet. Chris hit massive protecting AWP multi-skills in double additional time and reached forty-one kills to outshine s1mple’s all-megastar performance of 43 frags.

I anticipate which you like gambling tower defense games, just like me. Have you ever been in this situation: you started out playing sometime in the past, you begin the present day wave to peer all of your towers fireplace away, but a number of the enemies nevertheless make it to your base, with handiest a little lifestyles spared, however simple enough to make all of your previous efforts useless? Oh, especially if your base did no longer have enough hit points left, and you need to begin all over again, I recognize how that feels!

Well, below, I’ll write a few suggestions that will help you control the situation and win greater tower defense games. There are variations from game to sport, but the endorsement you’ll receive is intended to be widespread. Put the towers with quick variety (typically the ones you have enough money at the start or a few powerful but short-ranged ones) as near as viable to the turning factors in the maze. In this manner, they may maintain firing for a longer time. Put the long-ranged towers towards the middle of the map. Consider that most of the time, their variety will grow while upgrading them! In this manner, you may cowl a great deal extra of the path the enemy walks on.

Use towers with slowing results! It’s quality to place them earlier than groups of towers to inflict massive damage. If you recognize that you may deal with self-healing enemies, do not scatter your towers to a whole lot. You don’t need them to have time to regain their health. If there are poison towers, they belong to the beginning of the maze and at precalculated durations (to poison the enemy again while the impact wears off).


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