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Tips for Creating High Engagement LinkedIn Posts

Love it or hate it, LinkedIn is an established platform for just about any commercial enterprise-related activity.

Want to construct your employer logo? LinkedIn is a good region to start.

Wanna sell some content material and interact in discussions about the modern methods? Look no in addition.

But the general public gets LinkedIn wrong, and therefore, maximum LinkedIn content sucks. Horribly.

Seriously, I’d pay you good cash if you can broaden a Chrome extension that blocks any timeline publish containing “millennial keynote speaker” or “increase hacking influencer” in it.

Serious inquiries only, please.

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Most LinkedIn content material is either dull (simply pasting your modern day blog hyperlink) or outrageously tacky attempts at being the next Tai Lopez (ridiculous vlogs), neither of which human beings want to consume on the platform.

Here’s a way to generate excessive engagement on LinkedIn.

1. Quick + Informative Native Videos Grab Attention on LinkedIn
When it involves hours spent on social media, most people are spending a ton of time on platforms.

Per day, human beings spend almost an hour on YouTube, extra than 30 minutes on Facebook, and comparable amounts of time on both Snapchat and Instagram. It adds as much as nearly six years of social surfing in a given lifetime.

But LinkedIn just isn’t identical.

People barely used LinkedIn in phrases of time at the platform when as compared to other social media. The majority are the usage of less than hours a week, with a huge component at 0 mins.

That’s simplest 24 mins an afternoon in a 5-day work week with a beneficiant calculation. Yikes.

People browse fast and efficiently on LinkedIn, so posting your trendy weblog publish a link and watching for a hundred hyperlink clicks, and a dozen stocks simply aren’t realistic.

Nobody cares about your blog content if it’s a pasted link with a featured photograph.

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Video content material is dominating LinkedIn because it’s often short and concise.

Short, easily digestible motion pictures are extraordinary for conveying a ton of records in less time and effort than analyzing an extended post or clicking to a weblog.

Native video on LinkedIn can remain anywhere from three seconds to ten minutes, relying on what you need to proportion.

Short bits of statistics? Check.

Longer discussions or subject matter dives? Check.

Allen Gannett, CEO at TrackMaven, uses native video to connect with his target audience in short bursts:

These ~30-second long films with subtitles are recorded on his cell phone and posted directly to LinkedIn. This series of films are all categorized under the “#AllenAsks” hashtag and are all under one minute in duration.
2. Keep it Simple Stupid: Text-Only = Big Wins
Like LinkedIn, Twitter is some other one of those less used social platforms that human beings both love or hate.

When you ask a person what their favored social community is, Twitter isn’t constantly at the pinnacle of the list. Giants like Instagram or Facebook typically take the cake.

But the truth is, Twitter has something proper approximately their platform: It’s simple, broadly speaking text-based posting that were given it off the ground.

In a world packed with noise inside the shape of advertisements, self-promotion, and content, Twitter stuck out like a sore thumb and gave everyday humans the danger to publish random, witty bits of content in a simple style.

Simply placed, Twitter was given it properly with primary text posts.

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As it turns out, primary textual content posts on maximum platforms aren’t the norm anymore. But that’s top. You don’t want to hold doing what each person else is doing.

It’s why you’re here proper now: that stuff doesn’t paintings.

In advertising, they taught us that photographs, visuals, and whatever but the simple text is fundamental to engagement.

But that ends in over saturation. Essentially, it’s a new shape of banner blindness. It’s possibly a contributing thing to the modern-day research displaying social engagement is down with the aid of 50 percent in only the previous few years.

Meanwhile, fundamental textual content posts are generating extra likes, remarks, and perspectives than another form of content material on LinkedIn.

For instance, John Espirian dominates LinkedIn content material by the use of fascinating emojis and more often than not textual content-based content:

Why? It breaks the noise of shameless content promotion that is LinkedIn.

It gets people to genuinely prevent and examine – and as an advantage, it receives them to have interaction with you in a discussion, generating more comments and expanding you attain.

Next time you go to LinkedIn to build engagement, keep it simple.