Hofstra fitness care entrepreneurship project winners accumulate $25,000

The winners of Hofstra University’s monthslong Healthcare Entrepreneurship Community Challenge opposition have been introduced.

The mission, which provided $25,000 in overall prize cash to three winners, turned into created to perceive startups supplying products and services that support the connection among sufferers and fitness care companies in underserved communities on Long Island, in New York City and inside the Hudson Valley region. Winners had been introduced Tuesday following an exhibit of more than 22 individuals.

Maddux, a startup that makes use of textual content messaging software program to hold sufferers and healthcare teams in the communique, obtained the primary place award of $15,000. The chief govt of the Manhattan-based totally startup is Hofstra doctoral graduate Elnaz Sarabchian.

Playback Health, a startup affiliated with Northwell Health that makes use of video chat to connect sufferers and physicians, took the 2d region and $7,500.

Benefit Kitchen, an analytics company that signals users to unused fitness blessings, took 0.33 area with $2,500 in prize money.

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The opposition is a part of a 3-yr software on the school and is supported by using a $485,000 provide the faculty obtained the last yr from the Regional Innovation Strategies software, a countrywide furnish competition tied to the U.S. Department of Commerce. Participants submitted proposals in advance this 12 months

“The software is precise due to the intersection between entrepreneurship and network fitness,” stated Stacey Sikes, dean of the Center for Entrepreneurship at Hofstra. The university intends to host the health care opposition once more subsequent 12 months. “We’re searching forward to that,” Sikes said.

Health and Fitness – Four Reasons To Consider Adding Massage Therapy to Your Health Care Plan

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When it involves looking after your fitness, you have the basics down…

Right workout,
suitable nutrition, and
possibly some day by day stretching to reduce soreness and preserve up your variety of motion.
But, have you ever taken into consideration the benefits rub down remedy can deliver in your frame? Many humans absolutely forget this remedy option both because of the cost worried or due to the fact they recollect it a luxurious and not something they ought to be indulging in. It is time to exchange this questioning. While you may no longer be capable of having enough money a rub down each week, treating yourself once a month can be an extraordinary manner to pamper your body and do your fitness excellent. Plus, diverse health care plans do cover this sort of treatment, so make certain to inspect your care plan to peer what coverage you have.
Here are 5 excellent reasons why you might want to consider having a regular rub down…

1. Stress Reduction. Relaxing on the table whilst the rub down therapist is going to paintings is one of the best ways to take the time out and gradual down your busy world.

Do you realize there are exclusive varieties of rubdown? There are those basically for stress discount and rest, after which there are deep tissue massages designed to help sore, nerve-racking muscle groups. Choose the precise one given your goals.

2. Injury Prevention. Next, rubdown remedy can be perfect for harm prevention functions. If you’re experiencing muscle anxiety and knots in any place of your body, the remedy can help to work those out and as an end result, make contributions to decreasing the incidence of accidents down the street.

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Remember, a small tight muscle today is one probably to end up problematic later if now not sorted. Slowly this tightness can build and scar tissue may even form on the way to then lead to a lack of movement range.

Three. Greater Mobility. Speaking of more than a few movements, that is something else you will want to reflect consideration on. Massage can assist to enhance flexibility by way of bringing more blood into the tissue location, reducing stiffness and assisting you to loosen up surrounding tissues.

If you feel irritated and sore, this may affect your physical overall performance. Massage remedy can get you again on the right track so that you can have interaction within the sports you revel in.

4. Enhanced Sleep Quality. Finally, let us not neglect the sleep advantages from rubdown remedy. Go for one rub down and you will see how deeply you sleep through that night time. Since sleep is crucial for the best fitness, this again is a benefit to doing not forget.

If you’re a bad sleeper, a relaxation massage scheduled late into the evening may also just assist you to find relief.

Keep these factors in mind and remember reserving a rub down nowadays. It truly permits you to experience higher and become more healthy universal.

Although handling Type 2 diabetes can be very hard, it is not a circumstance you need to simply stay with. Make simple changes in your each day routine – consist of exercise to assist lower each your blood sugar degrees and your weight.



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