Internet unearths brand new NU-Q survey

Qataris biggest users of Instagram and Snapchat within the global

In terms of Internet penetration, Qataris have one of the world’s highest Internet use quotes with a saturation stage at 95%, in step with the modern day file released by way of North Western University in Qatar in its annual Media Use inside the Middle East survey.

The survey factors out that Qatar has particular social media use styles. Among all Qataris, 93% use WhatsApp, 70% use Instagram, and 64% use Snapchat. The latter two figures are a number of the highest penetration quotes within the global for those platforms.

The survey additionally reveals that Qataris spend the most time face-to-face with the circle of relatives each week no matter improved time spent online. Qataris said they spend a mean of 43.2 hours every week with own family and forty four.5 online.

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Compared to 2015, Qataris are a long way much less inclined to pay for information content material in 2017 as 71% said they’re unwilling to achieve this, compared with most effective 24% in 2015. Qataris are least probably too explicit willingness to pay for information content material.

According to the survey, agree with amongst Qataris in mass media has decreased. Nearly one-third of Qatari nationals said they do now not believe mass media, more than double people who expressed this view in 2015.

Declining numbers of Qataris trust people benefit from getting news from foreign information media – a decrease from 56% in 2015 to 33% in 2017.

At the same time, the perception that global information establishments are biased toward the Arab World has doubled between 2015 and 2017, from 7% to thirteen%.

The quantity of Qataris who think greater ought to be finished to keep cultural traditions dropped from 94% in 2014 to 81% in 2016.

Qatari nationals are now less probable to be diagnosed as culturally conservative with a decrease in their numbers from 75% in 2015 to forty-one % in 2017.

The Media Use inside the Middle East surveys through Northwestern University in Qatar has been conducted yearly given that 2013. Each yr the survey has been carried out amongst one thousand+ citizens in each collaborating use, in collaboration with Harris Poll at the side of Pan Arab Research Centre.

On My Way To Chandigarh – Dhabas Unearth Internet Marketing Lessons

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As I instructed my automobile off the highway towards the attractive looking Srinagar Complex Dhaba, the boy got here into interest. After parking the automobile within the coloration I moved closer to a table and sat.

“What is to be had?” I requested the imminent Nepalese looking boy. The list becomes a chunk disappointing. I checked out the place as I ordered a cup of tea and a vegetable sandwich.

It became a nicely built place and in all likelihood pretty current. The partitions were nicely painted, the floor became easy and doors were made of proper high-quality wood. Even the standard fixtures reflected suitable taste. But in spite of this, the region had a glance of desertion.

Something is inaccurate, I concept as I checked out the toll road visitors.

Dhabas are small consuming joints spread all over the roads of India. They are just like eating places in the idea but the infrastructure is less difficult. The best dhabha simply has an education room in which the food is prepared and that is served within the open on cots or chairs.

Dhabas are very popular eating locations among the road tourists in India. Lately, I have witnessed a rapid surge in the number of dhabas itself. The easiness and coffee price of setting up is the primary thing.

Running a dhaba seems a moneymaking option to many people.

Running an internet enterprise is also very famous, I could not help thinking.

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I looked at the highway and questioned the volume of traffic passing every moment. Almost every one of them might take a break from the adventure and visit a roadside dhaba for snacks and food.

Now that changed into exciting. Considering that on average a vehicle contains people and three automobiles pass according to 2d (That is a huge underestimate) 360 humans skip every minute. Each individual is a potential client.

If all matters had been same each of the dhaba shall obtain the equal quantity of customers. But it isn’t always absolutely so. Some do roaring business some hardly manage their fees. If my judgment became not wrong this region turned into on verge of closure.

I enquired the serving boy as he arranged the contents on my desk.

“The proprietor has changed. The old proprietor has offered his commercial enterprise due to the fact he could not manage. The joint might be completely functional after two days.” The boy said.


There is so much ability on the street and terrible man could not manage. Maybe new one might do higher.

The food changed into desirable.


I always have this sense when I see endeavors and capabilities getting wasted.

Same things happen within the online commercial enterprise. Many people with enough skills and potential are pressured to quit due to the fact they can’t learn to manage.

As I were given lower back to riding seat and joined the traffic again, I puzzled how those little eating joints resemble our world of exclusive marketing.

Websites rely on the site visitors to get clients. Dhabas too rely upon the road visitors. More site visitors manner more ability customers.

Just like websites, those roadside dhabas showcase varying ranges of success. Wondrous is simply ok, a few carry out outstandingly and a few barely control.

That is thrilling. In contrast to the internet, the highways are direct roads. Traffic passes by each of those dhabas for sure. All things equal they must perform more or less equal.

Why then some are extra successful than others?

My quest delivered me solutions which first amazed me. But on a deeper look, they have been the natural solutions of commercial enterprise fulfillment. More I looked at it extra dhaba commercial enterprise appeared to perform like online business,

To be successful the dhaba have to do following always and time and again. A net marketer who ambitions to be triumphant needs to have a look at, assimilate and follow these ideas dearly.

First and major it ought to put together properly meals and serve in a nice ambiance. Both are essential however former receives the concern. In parallel, one must have a terrific product and easy searching internet site whilst doing a web enterprise. The product is the priority over the internet site. A lovely searching web page does help however if you do now not have a terrific product that can be sold your slicing part internet site is of no need. It might please the site visitors but will no longer generate any sale.







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