Majority of students experience mental health issues, says NUS survey

The NUS surveyed 1,093 students in addition and higher schooling in November and December on behalf of the All Celebration Parliamentary Group (APPG) on college students. 8 out of 10 students (seventy-eight%) say they skilled in intellectual health problems in the last yr, in line with a survey through the National Union of Students (NUS). A 3rd of the respondents (33%) additionally said they’d had a suicidal mind. Among individuals who did know not perceive as heterosexual, the figure became higher at 55%.

More than half (fifty-four%) of respondents who reported having experienced intellectual fitness problems said they did now not seek help. A third stated they would no longer understand where to get intellectual health support from at their college or university if they needed it, whilst forty% stated being anxious approximately the support they might acquire from their institution.

Kids’ mental health: are the authorities doing sufficient?

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Aoife Inman, 19, a 2d-yr scholar at the University of Manchester, said: “I assume mental health problems are extraordinarily not unusual Among college students, but it’s something not many human beings want to acknowledge or be given that they’re suffering from. “University changed into pitched to me as ‘the fine years of your lifestyles,’ and there’s genuine anxiety Amongst young human beings to stay up to that expectation. For the one’s folks who warfare with mental illness at university, you can experience constant unhappiness for no longer becoming the pupil stereotype.”


College can absolutely be an extraordinarily separating environment; she stated: “Shifting far from domestic and the securities of that environment manner that students are frequently left without a safety blanket if we start to struggle.” Maddy Kirkman, disabled college students’ officer for the NUS, said: “These findings are deeply concerning and reaffirm the stark challenges that persist around offering powerful support to college students in universities and schools.

“Alongside the effect of funding cuts to scholar assist, together with protection presents and the disabled students’ allowance, this indicates a traumatic lack of subject for college students living with mental fitness problems.” onThe event, coordinated by using the APPG on college students, will study the issues raised through the research and what schools, universities, and others can do to reply to students’ mental fitness desires. The publication of the studies’ comes on the Monday that MPs and friends will discuss student intellectual health in parliament.

Paul Blomfield MP, chair of the APPG on college students and MP for Sheffield Primary, which has the very best proportion of students in the of a, said: “Our schools and universities should be places of instructional and private improvement, where students experience supported. But These findings display is that substantial numbers of college students are suffering from mental fitness issues, many of them silently. “Those survey outcomes are a to anybody worried with student welfare. MPs and peers from throughout the political spectrum will come collectively this afternoon to discuss what can be achieved.”


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