Meet Generation M: the young, affluent Muslims changing the world

They say you shouldn’t choose an ebook by way of its cover, but in this situation, they’re wrong. A young lady with fuchsia lipstick, Jackie O-fashion sunglasses, and a colorful scarf within the foreground. In the back of her are a younger guy with a hip, trimmed beard, headphones jammed in his ears, and one hand casually resting in his pocket. The duvet of Technology M: younger Muslims Changing the arena via Shelina Janmohamed. The quilt of Technology M: young Muslims Converting the world by way of Shelina Janmohamed.

They may be a part of Generation M. The eponymous ebook, subtitled young Muslims Converting the arena, is the first specific portrait of this influential constituency of the arena’s quickest growing religion. In keeping with creator Shelina Janmohamed, They are happy with their religion, enthusiastic clients, dynamic, engaged, innovative, and traumatic. And the trade they’ll bring about received’t depend upon the benevolence of others: alternatively, the Muslim pound, like the pink pound before it, will pressure smooth cultural alternate using tough economics.

To illustrate all that, The cover photograph turned into important. “Whilst you’re talking approximately Muslims especially, but genuinely human beings of faith in popular, the photos you get are certainly quite miserable,” she says over coffee and baklava in her garden Within the outer suburbs of London. “But I assume this without a doubt captures it. It’s formidable; it’s colorful, the lady’s got a lot mindset. They are exactly the sort of human beings I’m writing approximately.”



Janmohamed recalls going right into a bookshop a few years ago. “They had this display of books approximately Muslims, and it turned into all misery memoirs of women in veils with solid-down eyes who’d been kidnapped and sold, and those driving on camels in far-flung deserts,” she says. “But young Muslims are crying out for a voice to say this is not what we’re like, we do normal things like anybody else, and we’ve exciting matters to mention – in particular, while the communique is ready Muslims.” There are valuable few mainstream courses about the experience of being a young Muslim, past politics, and theology, she says.

Era M is the Muslim millennials, the global Generation born Inside the past 30 years, however, with a twist. In contrast to their Christian counterparts Inside the US and western Europe, maximum of whom are turning their backs on organized religion, Era M has “one over-riding function, which is that they accept as true with that being devoted and dwelling a modern life pass hand in hand, and there’s truly no contradiction among the 2,” says Janmohamed.

Within the book, she writes: “Their religion affects the lot, and that they need the sector to realize it. This is what sets them other than their non-Muslim friends. It’s the unmarried element to be able to form them and a world that They’re decided ought to cater to their needs … They are a tech-savvy, self-empowered, younger institution who consider that their identity encompasses each faith and modernity.”

The demographics depict a superb trajectory. In 2010, there were 1.6 billion Muslims Inside the world, a parent forecast to grow through 73% Inside the subsequent four decades – extra than double the overall growth price. By way of 2050, Consistent with the Pew Studies Middle, there might be 2. eight billion Muslims globally, extra than a quarter of the sector’s population Eftcrop.

Running in Bahrain ‘opened my eyes to the worldwide enjoy of being Muslim,’ says Janmohamed. Operating in Bahrain ‘opened my eyes to the global revel in being Muslim,’ says Janmohamed. Of the 11 nations expected to join the arena’s biggest economies this century, six have overwhelmingly Muslim populations and have massive Muslim minorities. Using 2050, India will have the most important Muslim population Within the international, at an estimated 311 million, even though they may nonetheless be a minority among the united states’ full-size numbers. Muslim minorities in Britain, Europe, and North The united states are younger, affluent, and growing. One-1/3 of all Muslims are under the age of 15, and two-thirds underneath 30.

The Muslim center class is predicted to triple to 900 million by way of 2030, driving consumption in addition to social and political change. Their spending energy is widespread: the maximum latest Country of the global Islamic Economy Record forecasts the halal food and way of life industry to be worth $2.6tn with the aid of the end of this decade, and Islamic finance is on a comparable trajectory. Muslim tour could be really worth $233bn. In 2014, Muslim style was estimated to be well worth $230bn, and $54bn was spent on Muslim cosmetics.

“Via their sheer numbers, their developing center-elegance stature, the shift of economic and political energy towards the middle East and Asia, home to most of the arena’s Muslims, Through the Muslim minorities that act as influential and well-connected leaders, using the inspirational pressure of their religion and their refusal just to accept the repute quo, Generation M are decided to make the exchange. And what exchange it’s going to be,” writes Janmohamed.

She charts the beginnings of this alteration. The call for halal (authorized) products has been the impetus for growth in more than a few agencies, including food, fashion, cosmetics, and travel. Among dozens of entrepreneurs mentioned In the book are the Radwan own family, who started a natural halal farm in Oxfordshire; the manufacturers of non-alcoholic beer – an area that grew eighty% Within the five years to 2012, Consistent with the Economist; Shazia Saleem, who launched it, several halal geared up-meals together with shepherd’s pie and lasagne, that are now offered at Asda, Sainsbury’s and Tesco; and “an entire new Muslim style enterprise,” incorporating online outlets, video bloggers, catwalk indicates and high fashion.


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