Prominent Egyptian blogger fined for insulting judiciary

AP mentioned that one of the main activists of the 2011 Egyptian uprisings turned into fined 10,000 LE ($565) on Saturday at some stage in his re-trial over insulting the judiciary. Saturday’s ruling on Ahmed Douma responds to his attraction towards a December 2014 ruling that sentenced him to 3 years in jail plus the fine. During the 2014 trial, Douma accused the presiding judge of violating Egypt’s laws by publicly expressing state affairs. Specifically, Douma stated they choose to publish “excessive” political opinions on his Facebook account, consistent with Egypt Today. In 2015, Douma was sentenced to prison and slapped with a 17 million LE ($960,000) high quality in a separate trial. The “Cabinet Clashes” associated with skirmishes among protesters and security forces outdoor Egypt’s cabinet building in 2011. Douma, together with 268 defendants, was charged for the 2011 incident.

Egypt has begun a wide-ranging crackdown on activists and newshounds because of the 2013 ouster of former president Mohamed Morsi. Douma, a prominent blogger, and activist have famously been arrested underneath each consecutive Egyptian authority. Two African lions rescued from battle zones in Iraq and Syria are heading to a permanent home in South Africa after recovering from physical and psychological trauma in Jordan. Four Paws International’s animal rights institution rescued Saeed and Simba in daring warzone operations in 2017 from Magic World out of doors in Syria’s Aleppo and the Mosul zoo in Iraq. Most animals in the one’s zoos had died at some point in the ongoing conflicts in Syria and Iraq.

The lions arrived emaciated, dehydrated, and psychologically scarred on the Al-Ma’wa Animal Sanctuary in Jordan closing yr. They obtained medical care, including vasectomies and dental paintings. They gained weight on a regular weight loss plan — with lamb meat saved for unique treats. Two-year-vintage Saeed now approaches human beings for head scratches and performs together with his lead trainer Saif Rwashdeh. “He’ll run up into the crate even supposing there may be no meat, then run out, then run returned,” he said.


The lions had been coaxed with mouthfuls of meat into metal crates Sunday earlier than being loaded into a cargo truck, taking them to Jordan’s international airport. Rwashdeh is traveling with the lions to Johannesburg, South Africa, via Doha, Qatar. He’ll be staying with them for 2 weeks to assist the pair in regulating the South African sanctuary of Lions Rock, home to wild recreation and over 90 large cats. “He’s a satisfied-pass-lucky form of man; he loves the interaction,” said Diana Bernas, head animal keeper at al-Ma’wa, as she scratched Saeed, his eyes closed and arrogant, leaned into her arms. “He’s an excellent lion.” The young lions are ripe for socialization and need interaction with larger corporations of lions, Bernas said.

“It is bittersweet, but we knew he turned into most effective going to be here quickly, so we are satisfied he is going to the African solar.” So you’re a poker player. Are you Good? Just getting to know? They call you a “fish” or a “donkey,” or perhaps you’re already a “shark”? Playing stay extra than online?;) No, remember what form of poker player you are; there are so many thrilling stories to inform. It might be too early for writing an ebook, so it’d be nice to exercise a touch by way of beginning your very own poker weblog.

Everyone can write their own poker weblog with no unique understanding of how to create an internet site. Many free-running blog services permit you to begin a non-public weblog just in a couple of minutes. Why has each poker player had their own weblog? Here are 10 important reasons:

1. Socializing with friends.

Every poker player must speak with the alternative players. Sometimes with people, they don’t even understand. The blog is a super way to method them all.

2. Sharing poker experience with others.

When you spot a motive force who’s nonetheless studying to force, you usually keep in mind your very own experience while you were given your driver’s license. Poker players should additionally percentage their simple revel in with the novices.

3. Analyzing one’s play.

When you lose having AA, you might need to invite yourself; what has just occurred? When writing a blog, a query is not enough; you ought to inform your readers WHY it took place. Therefore you need to investigate your play and try to research your errors. The blog is a really perfect way to share this “loud thinking” or “brainstorming” with others.

4. Boasting.

While playing poker stay or online, the gamers sometimes meet a few celebrities and even bust them out in a few instances. A blog is sort of a billboard wherein you may shout out loud – I knocked out Phil Ivey on the remaining Sunday’s FT match! The international need to recognize approximately the failures in their liked poker celebrities towards the humble and unknown gamers.

5. Asking for advice.

Blogs normally have a few unique audiences of readers, who allow you to in all kinds of existing conditions. PC dealers play poker electricians, programmers, legal professionals who can truly assist you in case you ask, irrespective of if it’s a poker-associated problem or not.

6. Moderating a blog debate.

The blog is a shape of dialogue when the author may also ask a question or announce their role concerning one or some other important problem. The bloggers get to mild the discussions themselves, not like in forums where moderators are employed or appointed.

7. Warehouse of exciting material.

A blog is ideal for listing thrilling movies, pix, and hyperlinks to the other pages containing diverse useful statistics. People love reading and watching; the hyperlinks can be accessed at any time. It is like Digg or Delicious, only with longer descriptions and large collections of exciting poker stuff.

8. Practice your language.

If you do not continuously employ the know-how you get at school, you truly neglect it (for example, my spouse forgot her German because she no longer used it after she completed faculty). It’s equal to writing talents. We do not write long letters anymore because we will honestly make a name or ship an SMS. Writing a blog can be useful for your very own improvement. It will also be a good trampoline to begin an author’s profession at a few poker magazines.


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