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7 Routines to Help You Utilize Time Properly in College

Normally, to produce good results in college, one must keep time. Plus, you will enjoy your studies depending on how you shall manage your time while in college. So that you can achieve your goals one by one. Build discipline with everything, set a schedule, and stick to it until the end of your course. Additionally, if you are unable to know how to utilize your time perfectly in college. Practice time management. Since in college, it is time to learn a lot of life skills for the first time, like time management. Though you have many expectations, the most important is to enable you to acquire skills not only for passing exams but also to build character traits that should sustain you in the competitive world in the future. This narrative article describes routines to help you to utilize your time in college properly.

  1. Have a personal timetable

Many aspects of college are run in a fixed schedule, whereby most of them are common. For instance, eating, classes, sports, church, and many more. Moreover, there are flexible activities such as recreation, sleeping, studying, time for personal errands, family, and cleaning. At first, it is not easy to follow through with your timetable. You need to ensure you balance for each specified time for your studies and other things. Just start with drafting a simple timetable that will guide you on the following day.

2. Fix adequate time to study each Subject

Other than class time, personal study is important because it helps you to understand and master what you are taught in class. Most are in the schedule to last between 3 to 4 hours for each credit course in a week. Just calculate credit load three times then you will get how much time you shall have for your studies.

3. Set a specific time and regular place to study

Every time you settle down to study, make sure it is a specific time and a regular place so that your mind can establish habits of studying. When your mind is aware of the next activity, you shall save a lot of time, and you will gather all the materials necessary to study with ease. Don’t generalize your schedule, if it’s time for a certain subject, stick to it until you are done.

4. Study immediately after class 

There are 1-2 hours of breaks between classes. As soon as possible, after every class, spend this time studying and do assignments on what you just learned in class. In doing so, you will easily develop a good memory to understand and master units for a long period than when you take too long to revise your class works. In this way, you will find that learning and passing exams are enjoyable than some students think.

5. Specify time about 2 hours per course 

As you study, after about 45minutes to 2 hours, your brain will begin to lose concentration rapidly. Take a break, drink water, or refreshing beverages so that the brain gets energized then switches to a simple subject. Always tackle the difficult ones in the morning when your brain is fresh. If morning time does not fit, you can opt for another time when you know you are most active. Plus, to be up to date in all your courses, have a day in each week to review and recite your work.

6. Organize all your lecture notes properly

When you organize your notes and keep them properly, you shall use them in the future as your powerful tool for review. Listen and pick keywords in lectures then rephrase them to help you understand without changing the meaning. For good grades be aware of all assignments, do and hand them in time. Avoid doing any work in a rush.

7. Create flexibility in your daily schedule

A flexible schedule will enable any student to utilize her or his college time fully. Every day before you sleep, just draft a simple table for the following day pack all you need before you know it you shall have developed a study habit and you will enjoy your studies. It takes 21-30 days to establish a habit. This is your chance to do better in your studies.