Polish schooling ministry prepared for foreign children

The Polish schooling ministry is prepared to accept no longer handiest foreigners; however, the bilingual youngsters of Poles, Education Minister Anna Zalewska stated on Friday in reaction to the indoors ministry’s plan to school asylum seekers at special centers for migrants seeking refugee reputation. Under the interior ministry’s plan, youngsters in search of refugee popularity in Poland could attend obligatory education in the centers wherein they stay. The interior ministry said this would be better for overseas minors than attending mainstream college along with Polish kids, as is currently the case.

“The ability risk of inflow of foreigners, particularly the substantial growth within the quantity of college-aged youngsters, and the emergence of negative attitudes of the local community toward foreigners searching for international protection, necessitate the look for answers as a way to assist in facilitating and enhancing the teaching method for overseas youngsters in Poland,” the indoors ministry stated, justifying its new rules.

Zalewski stated the training ministry became “organized no longer handiest to get hold of foreigners – because foreigners are [already] in the training system – however also for [returnees]. We are waiting for Poles who’re coming [back to Poland] with their bilingual children”. She added that the training ministry had the budget and workforce to assist foreign youngsters to input the schooling system quickly.

There is an exciting trend developing inside the US within families who need their kids to study a 2d language as early as possible: They lease a Foreign language talking nanny. This efficiently kills birds with one stone giving them someone to appear after their young ones whilst they work and giving the youngsters immersion into a foreign language. More and more mothers and fathers recognize the significance of being bilingual and understand that it’s far a lot less difficult to study a language as a baby than as an adult. To that stop, they’re hiring overseas nannies in the situation that the nanny speaks simplest in her local language to the kids.


This is a complete turnaround from days long gone using whilst overseas nannies would be requested to use handiest English to the youngsters within the fear that a overseas language might confuse the kids and avert their mastering. Now parents realize that youngsters can easily research two languages concurrently and effortlessly transfer between the 2 without confusion. So at the same time as the mother and father talk to the children in English, the nanny uses her local tongue, and the youngsters can learn languages simultaneously.

While overseas speak me nannies have continually been an apparent gain of residing abroad (like me), I ought to admit I had never thought of hiring overseas language talking nannies completely to help kids examine a 2nd language. I suppose that is a superb idea and one which I suppose every parent that may have the funds for it ought to don’t forget. I desire it to be a fashion to keep growing, and we will eventually turn out to be international locations of bilingual residents.

Teaching Children English Using Songs

In the solution to a reader question on using songs for teaching Italian children English, I gave the subsequent twelve short keys. However, they’re similarly effective for youngsters from any united states of America, or of virtually any age too, for that matter.

Here they’re:

1. You can use maximum songs for English Language Teaching, but learners generally prefer presently popular songs. Both you and your newbies can collaborate on selecting songs.

2. You ought to additionally choose songs with easy-to-apprehend lyrics, without a doubt NO profanity, violent, unlawful, or immoral topics like sex, drug use, prostitution, gang violence, kill-your-mother, suicide, etc. (It’s easier to fall into this trap than you suspect. Many famous song lyrics are horrid)

3. For motivating youngsters, take alongside a dozen or so children’s songs on cassette or CD with the lyrics. Beg, borrow, or steal a selection of popular kid’s songs, and you are ready. (Okay, don’t thieve them, ask – courteously, about one million instances till they are saying “sure”)

4. Most famous tune lyrics are available online. You’ll want to be very cautious of downloads from sites like those when you consider that they are regularly FULL of viruses, Trojans, worms, and lord most effective is aware of what else.

5. Walt Disney has a truckload of exquisite kid’s songs. Us e movies and shorts without delay or just a recording with show snapshots for visual help.

6. In addition to the above keys, there are the usual kid’s favorites any number one tune toddler or trainer can let you know. You may even use songs from your youth; this is if you had ever been a baby.

7. Use inter-lively video games and Total Physical Response (TPR) alongside the songs. Choreograph simple actions and actions to the beat and rhythm of the song.

8. Keep a fairly fast-paced class going as youngsters become bored and stressed without problems with their brief, quick, brief attention spans. Change activities every 15 mins or so – even LESS with tiny “Chiquiticos.”

9. Try incorporating a few easy “dance” moves into the songs, too, for some delivered advantage. Have the “kiddies” advert lib, lip-sync, pantomime, swing, sway kick, hop, slide, drift, whirl, spin, dip, step, soar, and wave – you get my float?

10. Use photos as an aid in teaching key phrases within the track lyrics. Cutouts, posters, drawings, something that gives advantageous visible help and reinforcement for lexical factors, grammatical them, linked speech, pronunciation, or use in context is a truthful sport in EFL classes for children (and adults too, without a doubt)


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