9 Really Easy Beauty Tricks That Can Make Guys Fall for You

Getting noticed by the man of your dreams is the first key to make him fall for you. But, every woman is gorgeous in her own way, and among throngs of beautiful women, it is a tad hard to get the guy of your dreams to notice you and fall for you, especially when there are so many vying for his attention. What can you do to stand out and get noticed? I know this will sound superficial, but the first thing a guy sees is the appearance of a girl. Beauty is what draws his attention to her, and intelligence and quick wit are what keeps it there. Beautifying the body and mind is the secret of making a guy fall for you. The way you talk, walk, dress, smile, or gesticulate should be considered while making a game plan to enamor the guy you like. Elaborated below are the tips and tricks to look and feel beautiful, to make a guy fall head over heels for you.

*The list given below is in no particular order.

Flawless Skin

This beauty secret is an absolute no-brainer. For beautiful and flawless skin, you need to keep your skin clean and clear at all times. Get rid of blackheads, whiteheads, zits, and pockmarks. A skin marred with scars and pimples is a complete turn-off for men. Eat healthily, exercise regularly, follow the basic beauty regime of cleansing, steaming, toning, and moisturizing, and work towards making your skin flawless.

Glowing and radiating skin is what every man gets drawn to instantly – just like a moth to a flame! The best part about taking good care of your skin can go without makeup and still look absolutely glamorous! If you wear makeup, try to keep it natural, as many men do not like makeup layers. If you have acne-prone skin, consult a dermatologist and get it treated. Always use products that suit your skin type to avoid irritation and maintain healthy skin.

Gorgeous Hair

Every man loves the feel of silky soft hair between their fingers, so every time you wash your hair, use a good conditioner, and once in a while, deep condition your hair so that it feels extra soft! Get a haircut that is neat and stylish, as well as suits your personality and face shape. Whether it is straight, wavy, or highlighted, take extra care so that your hair looks glossy and voluminous. Always use good products for a salon finish to your hair. Keep your hair down, as most men find hair left open very sexy and alluring! A small word of advice, damaged hair, dandruff, and hair fall can be embarrassing, so consult a dermatologist f you have these problems and get them treated.


Luminous Nails

Just imagine, you are meeting someone for the very first time. You find him very attractive and impressive, and you reach out to shake his hand. You look down and see his fingernails, full of dirt, cracked, and chipped at the edges; this sight will gross you out! The same goes for men; they love dainty and clean fingernails and toenails that are well-polished, well-maintained, and evenly shaped.

Pamper your nails with regular manicures and pedicures, never let your nail polish, or nails chip, keep them clean and pleasant-looking at all times. Subtle nail polish colors, nail art, and French manicures will make your nails look delicate and give an overall beautiful appeal. A small tip you can keep in mind, use a moisturizing hand cream every night before going to sleep to have baby-soft hands, and if you are in a hurry to get somewhere and your nails are not done, file them so that they look even and apply a coat of clear nail polish. The goal is to have neat and clean nails.


When applying makeup, try to keep it as light as you can. Accentuate your eyes, lips, and cheeks. Keep your eyes smokey as it will make you look mysterious, and men love women who have that mysterious air about them. Do not let goop from your mascara or liner accumulate on the corners of your eyes, as it just looks alarming and gives an unkempt persona to your look, My general. If you choose to wear lipstick, make sure you wear it properly – first, define the outline of your lips with a liner or a thin brush, then apply a coat of lipstick with a brush, and NEVER DIRECTLY FROM THE TUBE!

If you are out to impress a man, I would say, wear a dash of gloss instead of lipstick; it always does the trick! Gloss makes lips look kissable and instantly draws the attention of any red-blooded male to your lips. Look after your lips by exfoliating them regularly and moisturizing them well. Highlight your cheeks to give you a natural blush look. Make sure your blusher is spread evenly over your cheekbones towards your temples and not just concentrated on the apples – you really do not want to look like a clown. Bronze or a nice plum or pink shade of blush is all you need to look absolutely gorgeous.

Smart Dressing

The phrase ‘dress to kill’ is very apt here. All men love women who dress smart. Big brands are not important as long as you wear clothes that flatter your body type. Your clothes should accentuate your femininity in the most subtle way possible. The colors you choose should stand out and make you look absolutely stunning. In today’s era, showing skin has become a little too common, so if you really want to stand out in a crowd of Barbies, you could try the shy girl approach of dressing. Wear simple yet elegant clothes that ooze sophistication and class.

Wearing baggy clothes or clothes that are too tight is a complete fashion disaster. You should always wear clothes that are comfortable to move around and boost your confidence levels. Get to know your style, and dress according to what makes you feel comfortable yet sexy and sensuous. Let your inner diva out, and do not feel shy to adopt a new fashion style. If you can rock it, then you should wear it!

Hairless Arms and Legs

Having fuzz on your arms, legs, and underarms is a turn-off for most men. A soft, smooth, silky skin that looks like it’s just waiting to be touched really entices a man. If you’re going out on a date, and are planning to wear a dress, skirt, or shorts, make sure to wax or shave your legs. Apart from removing unwanted hair, this regime also removes dead skin from the surface of your skin, making it soft and radiant. Follow it up with a good body lotion for that extra shine and moisture.

If you are wearing something sleeveless, strapped, or a halter, then make sure to wax or shave your arms and underarms. Satin soft skin is a man’s weakness, and you should use that to your advantage by presenting his weakness to him on a platter. To add in that extra bit to your hairless limbs, you could try a light spray tan (just enough to make you look fresh and radiant).

Basic Hygiene

Body odor, filthy teeth, and an unkempt appearance are the three most basic turn-offs for men and women. So, please spare some time to shower regularly with a pleasant scented soap or body wash. Please do not go to meet a guy with sleep sand in your eyes. Make sure your teeth are clean. Accumulated plaque on the base of the teeth looks horrible. Mouth and body odor are two highlighting points that may make a man never talk to you again.

Use a nice perfume, deodorant, talcum powder, soap, shampoo, or body lotion to smell fresh all the time. Keep some wet wipes handy in your purse or bag so that when you get too sweaty, you could freshen up immediately. Also, keep a small box of mint or mouth spray, so tou don’t have to worry about mouth odor. Wash your clothes regularly so that your clothes are clean and fresh. If you have smelly feet, wear a pair of cotton socks or cotton pantyhose when you wear closed-toe shoes, like sports shoes, boots, and pumps.

Mannerisms and Confidence

Bad manners are something no one likes. Therefore, you have to be well-mannered and polite. Be confident and speak what is on your mind, but never be rude or loud. Men do not like pompous women at all. They like the strong, confident, well-mannered, and independent types. Voice your opinions and views on a particular subject, but be a good listener. Men get irked when the woman they are talking to cut them in the middle of their sentences. Charming a man is an art, and every woman should be well-versed in this art. Be confident in your ways – right from the way you walk to the way you talk, gesticulate, etc. Men find it a real turn-on when women are oozing with self-confidence; however, remember to come off humble and not too overconfident. Woo him with your inner beauty, personality, and the right attitude.

Woman of Substance

Beauty and intelligence go hand in hand. Gone are the days when the ‘Dumb-blonde’ personality would help a woman bag a man. Nowadays, men like women with intelligence and wit. Increase your knowledge on subjects, like cars, bikes, models, action films, etc. In short, get to know about things that guys find interesting – it will really impress them.

Every woman should be aware of what is happening in the world and should contribute to any conversation. A woman taking an interest in world events, politics, and finance really impress men. Know what you are talking about, but please do not be a ‘know-it-all’ or a bore under any circumstances. Do not compete with a guy on how much more you know, or act like a teacher explaining things, be subtle and classy when voicing your views.

Be witty and funny. A good sense of humor is important trait men look for in their ‘dream girl. Make him laugh, have fun when you are with him, and have a serious and focused side we do not want him to think – ‘this girl is only good for a good time’ now, do we?). When it comes to wooing a guy you are interested in, you should have patience. Things fall into place when they have to, so be graceful in your approach, and with the help of the tricks mentioned above, you will definitely succeed in making the man of your dreams fall for you.


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