Detroit Lions lovers now not the maximum depressing in sports

As if a 1-three start and a Monday Night Football drubbing on national television weren’t bad enough for Detroit Lions enthusiasts, now we get this.

An actual ranking of their distress.

And it’s not pretty.

The Lions trustworthy check in because of the thirteenth maximum depressing fan base in U.S. Seasoned sports activities, consistent with the latest ESPN.Com article that exhaustively ranked them many of the 123 teams in the NFL, NBA, NHL and Major League Baseball.

The World Wide Leader created a “sports activities misery index” and used rock-strong metrics like “heartbreaks,” which can be described as getting “your coronary heart ripped out of your chest ‘Temple of Doom’ style.” Short Round could be so proud.

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Actually, the ranking is pretty reasonable and factors in championships, playoffs and a novel category for “rival comparison,” which debts for how a whole lot worse fans feel whilst their competitors do nicely. I’m sure Michigan and Michigan State have no concept what I’m talking approximately.

We’ll get to the Tigers, Red Wings and Pistons’ rankings. But first, we need to generally tend to the bad wretches who’ve been shotgunning Honolulu Blue Kool-Aid seeing that 1957 with little to reveal for it except heartbreak, heartburn and tear-stained Charles Rogers jerseys.

The rating explains why every crew’s fan base is “particularly depressing.” For the Lions, you guessed it: “Win a playoff sport already! The Lions haven’t won a playoff recreation for the reason that 1991, that is the simplest one they have received considering the fact that their ultimate NFL championship, in 1957. Detroit has the NFL report for consecutive playoff losses (nine). It additionally has to stink to look at the Packers win all the time.”

But ESPN also offers “rays of desire” and explains that “the Lions simply do make the playoffs the first-rate amount, as they have qualified three times within the ultimate seven years and had been regulars within the Nineteen Nineties. Plus, Lions enthusiasts were in a position to watch greats in Barry Sanders and Calvin Johnson.”

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And then there’s the “fashion,” which isn’t encouraging for the Leos: “The Lions have long gone from dreadful inside the 2000s to center-of-the-p.C. This decade, however, there’s an idea that Stafford & Co. Would possibly have peaked. So do not count on that playoff win whenever quickly.”

ESPN ranks the Sacramento Kings’ fan base as the most miserable and the New England Patriots as the least miserable. Fans for the Pistons take a look at in at No. 44, the Tigers at No. 59 and the Wings at No. Ninety-seven.

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