10 Best Mobile Apps for Women’s Safety

Startling Statistic!
Consistent with Circle of 6, greater than 1 in 4 university girls are a sufferer of sexual assault.
As the occurrence of rape cases keep rising, the uproar and debate around it hold to boom day by day. Even as governments all around are busy figuring out the intensity of punishment for the culprits, and as schools churn out dress codes for female college students, a few techies have a simple option to offer concerning this grave trouble. The solution is as simple as a button on your telephone!

Sure, your smartphone has simply been given a touch greater smarter than it at first changed into, by using in large part securing your protection. Very little can be finished in the aftermath of a heinous crime. But a preemptive degree can truely ensure a bit extra protection. So, without a great deal ado, allow us to get to the factor. Here’s a listing of cell programs which you may use in case of an emergency.

in the wake of the ugly gang rape which left Delhi, the capital of India, in an irrecoverable surprise, the Mahindra Organization has evolved India’s first girls’s safety software for smartphones. This comes right on the time whilst the spate of rape instances has only risen. Today, this utility is available to all Android, Nokia, Home windows, iOS, and BlackBerry customers, freed from price. This software may be used by GPS, GPRS, electronic mail, Facebook, and SMS in case of no Internet connectivity. The instant you press the panic button, the application sends an alert to the portal’s web page, and offers out the area to all software users on Google Map. The application also sends out SMSes to the ones numbers which have been registered by the consumer as emergency contacts. The Facebook page of the consumer also gets updated with the SOS message, if the person has logged in via this social networking site.

Fee: Unfastened

Criminals lurk within the maximum sudden places, such as running tracks, parks, or they can be passengers to you each day mode of go back and forth as well. However, bSafe offers you a few warranties and safety. This easy-to-use software has a huge crimson SOS button which contacts the humans whose numbers you have got registered to be contacted in case of any emergency. The utility alerts the guardians via notifications, SMSes, or voice messages. The voice feature is to be had simplest for one range. Simply after the guardians were alerted, the following message is despatched to inform them about the location. The first-rate component about this software is that it relies on SMS and now not GPRS offerings. The subsequent fine component is that it allows you to post your location through ‘I’m right here’. This manner, your guardians know your place. This aspect of the application is particularly useful for the ones journeying alone with unknown people.

Charge: Loose

This protection application differs a touch from the rest. It permits you to make calls to the numbers you have got saved to contacts in case of an emergency. The utility additionally permits you to specify your emergency, together with peanut hypersensitive reaction, stroke, or strolling home on my own. It also lets in you to specify your region often, along with work, domestic, or faculty. In case of accidental emergencies, the facts crammed within the application, which includes your birth date, eye/hair color, height, weight, blood kind, plus scientific records which includes current conditions, allergies, medicinal drugs, your physician’s name and get in touch with range, coverage information, and coverage quantity can show to be extraordinarily useful.


Price: Unfastened

Circle of 6
The name of this software pretty tons describes what it is going to be like. You can upload 6 depended on guardians in your circle. This is one of the pleasant applications for university college students, who live away from families, and may handiest rely upon their closest buddies in instances of want. All this app asks for is faucets, and it sends out template alert messages to the ones 6 selected contacts. It additionally calls your home number to disclose your region. The utility includes some emergency numbers of the police, which also can be changed as in keeping with your place.

Fee: Free

Hollaback! Isn’t always just a protection software for girls, But a motion in its own right. As the tag line is going, ‘Hollaback!’ you have got the energy to give up avenue harassment, it gives a platform to carry the perpetrators of crime to the fore. A person can take videos of the harasser and add it straight away as ‘stuck inside the act’, and publish the incident on ihollaback. Org. This is an instant manner of catching harassers on a public platform, and developing evidence of the incident.

Rate: Unfastened

VithU: V Gumrah Initiative
VithU is every other emergency application advanced inside the wake of the gruesome Delhi gang rape case in India. One click on at the strength button and the app sends alerts on your guardians. After that, every two mins it sends your exact contacts a message of your area. The alert messages are any one of the subsequent: I’m in risk, I want help, or Please follow my vicinity.

Charge: Unfastened

Taxi Finder
This isn’t always only a safety app, But additionally a totally useful software on your ordinary lifestyles. After you check in, you’re furnished with a database of the cabs in and round your area. In case of an emergency, or a scenario in which you need to get out of fast, you may get an immediate notification of cabs for your area. The map at the software additionally indicates you the nearest taxi stands. The call function immediately connects you with taxi carrier providers so you can get a trip domestic as fast as viable.

Rate: Unfastened, BlackBerry: $2.99

StreetSafe is yet every other safety software for girls. This app comes with a characteristic referred to as ‘Stroll With Me’, which guarantees to stay with you till you get back home secure. The app can make a call, At the same time as the ‘Non-public safety Guide’ is with you till you reach a safe zone. If The decision gets disconnected for some motive, the Advisor connects your call to the police station for in addition help. Certainly one of its functions, known as the ‘Silent Alarm’, lets in you to get help regionally by means of using the GPS feature of your smartphone.

Fee: Free

This utility is satisfactory intended for notifying your closest guardians in case of problem. The app lets in you to create a close-knit circle of your circle of relatives participants on an invite-most effective map. This manner, you could pick out to share your area, chat for my part with each member, send signals, and tune stolen or lost smartphone handsets. It makes use of the latest GPS generation, and notifies customers through emails, calls, and messages, whilst the SOS button is pressed.

Charge: Loose

OnWatch turned into the winner of the marketing campaign Apps In opposition to Abuse generation Assignment subsidized by way of the U.S. Department of Fitness and Human services. Once you installation this application, all it calls for are two faucets to get connected to 911, or the campus police station. It additionally sends messages via texts and emails to the contacts which are fed in the app. The messages may be custom designed too. Additionally, it is a gadget which makes use of the GPS area to inform guardians of your whereabouts. The application additionally permits you to publish messages on Facebook and Twitter.

Charge: Loose

Heinous crimes Against ladies have grown to be rampant in recent times. We can also dish out the most harsh of punishments to those criminals, However in the moment of that act, the repercussions of the equal are in no way thought of. A punishment is best the smallest solace you’ll be able to discover. The solution to this lies within the early upbringing at home, college, and the only that is evidently rendered with the aid of peers. Be safe and take some preemptive measures to ensure that you may experience life without constantly dwelling below the worry of being harmed and scared for existence.


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