Apple Watch Series four to Drive Strong Upgrade Cycle

When I first noticed the brand new Apple Watch offered on the Steve Jobs’ Theater, I at once stated it might drive a sturdy to improve cycle. Now we, at Creative Strategies, have cutting-edge records from a study we carried out throughout 366 modern-day Apple Watch proprietors in the US the week main up to in keep availability. They have turned into an international one that reduces across several geographies, touching a complete of 557 consumers. For this article, I will make recognition at the US statistics best. Our panelists were self-proclaimed early adopters of the generation, with 64% of them proudly owning an iPhone X. Eighty-Four percentage of the folks who spoke back our online questionnaire had been guys, very a good deal in line with the average composition of the early tech adopter profile.

Apple Watch Served its Base Well from the Get-pass

Our panel owned a terrific blend of fashions: 41% has an Apple Watch Series 3 with Cellular, any other thirteen% owns an Apple Watch Series 3 Wi-Fi handiest, and 15% has a Series 2. What became a wonder, considering how early tech this base is, was to look that 30% still owned an authentic Apple Watch. One might argue that maybe the purpose why these customers are nevertheless on the authentic Apple Watch is that they’re no longer very engaged with it. The information but says otherwise.

While they may be no longer as engaged as Apple Watch Series 3 proprietors, they share their love for the same duties: decline calls, text messages, and check coronary heart rate. The maximum enormous hole with proprietors of extra current Apple Watch models is using the Apple Watch as an exercise tracker. Here original Watch proprietors lag Watch Series 3 owners: sixty-two % to seventy six%.

Satisfaction amongst original Apple Watch customers is likewise robust, with ninety-three % of the customers pronouncing they have been glad about the product. While ninety-three % is a decrease in pleasure number than Watch Series three with cellular at ninety-nine %, we want to be reminded that the unique Apple Watch was brought in 2014. Satisfaction at 93% for a four-yr-vintage product is pretty dazzling.

Apple Watch

When we reached out to 3 panelists to ask why they did now not experience forced to upgrade so far, they stated that software updates and battery lifestyles saved them gladly and that it’d be a trade-in layout and compelling capabilities with a purpose to power them to look at a new model. In different words, the original Apple Watch became nevertheless serving them nicely.

Strong Intention to Upgrade

Apple Watch Series four seems to hit both improve requirements for unique Apple Watch proprietors as seventy-six% say they plan to improve with 41% who’ve already pre-ordered whilst any other 32% plan to achieve this within the subsequent 3 months. When requested to choose the most compelling new features that interested them in upgrading and the quicker processor was referred to by way of 80% of the unique Watch owners. This changed into followed through the bigger display screen (75%) and the ECG (61%).

Apple Watch Series three proprietors are equal but with specific priorities. The larger display is the maximum crucial motive force, followed through the faster processor and the ECG. The goal to improve is also more cautious, with 29% saying they’re planning to improve (54% already having preordered), with a few customers being worried approximately the use of the old bands on the brand new version and a few uncertainties on which size they would decide upon.

Early Tech Users locate Gifting Difficult.

We have mentioned before that early tech users appear to discover gifting new tech difficult, and Apple Watch owners on our panel are precisely like that. When we asked if they have been planning to shop for the new Apple Watch Series four as a gift, most effective, 26 percent said they have been. This is notwithstanding Apple Watch commanding a Net Promoter Score of 72 amongst panelists. Among the users planning on gifting Apple Watch, fifty-one % will give one to their wife, and every other sixteen% will give one to a discern. When asked which functions are motivating the purchase for a person else, 4 stood manner above the whole lot else: large display screen (49%), ECG (45%), and quicker performance and fall detection (each at 39%). Among those proceeding to gift, 22% already preordered, and 48% plan to buy in 3 months.

The Apple Watch User Base is Deep into the Ecosystem

This observation’s maximum charming finding is to peer how entrenched within the environment Apple Watch customers are. While many could see Apple Watch as an accessory, I firmly believe that customers who are looking at it as an important tool to control their day and their atmosphere of gadgets and offerings are the ones who get the maximum return on investment. Not relatively, multi-device possession across the panel is pretty excessive: 88% owned an Apple TV, 75% owned Air Pods, seventy-one % owned a MacBook Pro, 67% owned an iPad Pro, forty-four % owned an HomePod.

Early tech customers are a window into the future. That is why it is so treasured to take a look at them. While the time to show from early adopters to mainstream customers might vary, I suppose this possession data first-class illustrate what Apple is running on when it comes to its user base. I had been pronouncing for years that Apple cares greater about promoting greater products to equal customers than just expanding its overall marketplace share in a single location. As Apple movements extra into offerings, it will combine products present in a household to force engagement and loyalty and build an audience for lifestyles.


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