Automobile agency in beautiful daylight hours robbery

Armed guys have stormed Royal Motors, an automobile company in Accra, making away with the business enterprise’s sales in a lovely daytime theft Tuesday morning. Myjoyonline.Com’s David Andoh, who spoke to eyewitnesses, reported the robbers trailed a bullion van that had entered the Industrial Area premises of the organization to acquire the enterprise’s sales made the previous day. The van dropped off a cashier who was distinct from depending on the money and later contacted the driver to come back pick out him up. Soon after, the suspects numbering approximately 4 (four) in a blue Toyota Corolla with tainted glasses, drove into the premises. They attacked a security man in his cubicle, took his telephones, and roughed him up.

While at this, one of the suspects entered the secretary’s office under the pretext of negotiating the acquisition of a motorcycle. Although the conversation changed to distract the secretary, it became the beatings outdoor that subsequently struck her attention. But earlier than she may want to are trying to find help for the security man, her capability purchaser-grew to become-actual-robber, threatened her as the other suspects wore masks and stormed the workplace. They fired weapons, destroyed glass home windows, and snatched 8,000 cedis from the secretary’s office.

Photo: The secretary who witnessed the assault

The robbers additionally entered some other room where cash from the day gone by was being counted. They attacked the cashier, took the cash. They took the broken CCTV recording unit away in conjunction with the undisclosed amount of money. The robbers snatched a vehicle to escape. Combining things is chargeable for making Miami car coverage costs and quotes specifically from any other town. These situations materially affect the automobile insurance premium.


As the simplest Florida city to rank at the top 10 list for site visitors congestion, Miami positioned No. Nine in a file with the aid of the Texas Transportation Institute. An elevated range of vehicles transferring approximately raises the chance of injuries. Also, visitors result in driving force aggression caused by frustration and impatience, which will also increase the threat of accidents.


Approximately 12 million site visitors in step with year rank Miami, Fl as one of the nation’s top vacation destinations. The sub-tropical climate in Miami makes it specific to other important USA towns. Florida’s tourism industry affords a large condo car market. Thousands of human beings using strange vehicles and surroundings are an aggregate that increases the chance of accidents.


Foreign nationals

There is a dazzling quantity of people from some other united states who completely live in Miami, Florida. In 2006 Miami-Dade County, Florida, had the best percentage (50. Three percentage) of overseas-born citizens relative to the overall nation populace (Migration Policy Institute). Many of these drivers do now not speak English, do not understand the “guidelines of the street,” and never attain a Florida driver’s license. These realities increase the danger of automobile accidents.

Senior residents

The climate in Miami, Fl, not the simplest, attracts tourists and foreign nationals. It’s miles a haven for senior citizens. As older drivers age, revel in, and caution does not compensate fully for impaired eyesight and slow reflexes. Once more, the possibilities for a coincidence are increased by using this reality.

Automobile theft

According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB), Miami, Florida, is the number one automobile theft. The port of Miami and an elevated wide variety of high-profile vehicles inside the area contribute to this unsettling statistic. The higher threat always translates to better coverage top class.


Fraud and abuse have permeated Personal Injury Protection (PIP) insurance that is required via Florida law. Medical, felony, and different escalating costs related to PIP materially affect the auto insurance premium inside the Miami, Fl region. The Florida Department of Insurance has battled opposition to this fraud for many years without a good deal fulfillment. Not all the components outlined are distinct to the Miami, Fl vicinity. However, the combination of them makes Miami car coverage charges and quotes particularly.

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