Boot up: the iPad presentation, WordPress malware, Google Play, ICS on SG2? and more

A (slightly overdue, apologies) quick burst of eleven hyperlinks with a purpose to bite over, as picked by using the Technology crew Warning: 2 hundred,000 US-based totally WordPress net pages compromised via hijack injection attack >> DaniWeb. Safety researchers are Caution that some 30,000 WordPress websites, 85% of them based within the US, had been compromised through a mass-injection hijack attack which sees site visitors to any extra than 200,000 man or woman pages redirected to a Trojan infected rogue AV rip-off.

Search for code linking to a script from RR. Nu. Samsung Galaxy S2 to get Ice Cream Sandwich on 15 March >> CNET Uk. Ice Cream Sandwich is coming to the Samsung Galaxy S2 this month. It could be later than I was hoping. However, it seems the S2 will replace the modern-day model of Android on 15 March. According to a post on Samsung’s authentic Facebook page in Israel, it truly is, which has, for the reason that been deleted. Hands crossed, parents…

We’re going to be involved in listening from humans whose tool does get updated from 2. X to 4. X approximately how they like the alternate. It can jar at the beginning. An electrostatic haptic show for the visually impaired >> Country-wide Science Basis. This task uses electrostatic stimulation of the fingertips (static dangle) to show pc portraits to the exploring fingertips. The tactile patterns are felt as a variable sensation of texture or vibration.



Charming. However, what kind of mad idiot might assume that Apple could encompass something like this inside the iPad? Oh, grasp on. Google Play: The new call for Android Market >> Pocket-lint. We did not cover this as we had been busy with LulzSec/Anonymous the alternative day: From Monday, you’ll not run download apps from the Android Marketplace, but rather, from Google Play. Over the following few days,s the company will push out Android handsets that modifications the name of the app you had between using his might confuse a few, mainly as Market updates tend to show up greater mechanically than maximum. Nothing plenty of modifications, although.

The name reflects the new multimedia store that sells no longer the best apps; however, tune, motion pictures, and ebooks. This was something that Android Marketplace did before, with sections for apps, movies, and books growing out of the original providing, which became solely for apps. Google is also hoping that this new name, and a few minor tweaks, will make people spend extra money. That is probably proper. However, we cannot see anybody being prepared to cough up £4.49 to hire “The Scorpion King three: Struggle for Redemption.”

Eben Upton of Raspberry Pi interviewed >> Nottingham Technology Blog. Eben Upton, one of the trustees of the Raspberry Pi Basis, kindly agreed to an interview with NSB these days. It was a Fascinating discussion about how the variety of humans analyzing computers Technological know-how has dropped over the last 10-15years, suggestions for youngsters who want to enter this area, and what it has wanted to broaden the Raspberry Pi tool. A transcript of the excellent bits is proven underneath. Revel in. This has been one of the maximum eagerly-awaited portions of British Technology we can ever don’t forget. And we’ve got lengthy recollections.

We Want to speak approximately Android >> Fraser Speirs. I spoke at a convention close to Cardiff these days, and in Q&A, I got The Question. I like getting the Question. What is the Question? This: “What’s incorrect with Android?” I realized, giving my solution, that I have by no means written down my objections to Android. Before we get into this, let’s remember that I’m commonly speaking about “What’s incorrect with Android from the perspective of a person making plans for a long-term 1:1 deployment in a college”. However, one could have thought that you can update “college” with “corporation.” Though possibly businesses have extra money for customizing matters together with backup. Notice one among his conclusions: “You are either shopping for into a platform, or You’re buying devices.”

Within the mind of a hacker >> Fox Information

Fox had the news on Sabu. This, however, reads a piece like A Health practitioner Writes in Personal Eye: There was no indication up to know that Monsegur is a methodical crook who has accrued an exceptional fortune. Nor has all and sundry advised that he is cyber-terrorist attacking entities that oppose his political or religious ideology (though time will inform). As a substitute, the statistics at hand might advocate that chaos, in and of itself, is the praise he seeks–busting matters up, bringing them down, inflicting humans to suffer as the structure they depend upon to arrange their mind and intentions dissolves. Observe that it also hits Godwin‘s Regulation some paragraphs later. Was Anonymous’ hacker-informant Sabu a device of FBI entrapment? >> Forbes.

Apparent Query:

Criminal protection attorneys for those accused hackers are not any doubt poring over [Sabu‘s] communications with their clients, and looking for proof of entrapment: the protection that the U.S. government, with an influential member of Anonymous as their pawn, pushed hackers into the same unlawful acts for which they may be now prosecuting them. Months after Monsegur [Sabu‘s real name] began cooperating with Regulation enforcement, his Twitter feed (with 45,000 followers) persisted in rallying his hacktivist “brothers” to attack governments and personal company targets.

In overdue December, a message he wrote asked fellow hackers to provide him stolen documents so they might be posted underneath the banner of “Antisec,” the sub-movement against the security enterprise wherein he became a vocal organizer. “Leakers, Safety researchers, or hackers who’ve vulnerabilities or leaked doctors touch us,” Monsegur wrote. One could wish the FBI had that discovered already, given it turned into tracking his verbal exchange 24/7.


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