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Chippewa Gymnasts Drop First MAC Meet

BOWLING GREEN, Ohio – The Central Michigan gymnastics crew submit a season-high 49.250 at the uneven bars, however, dropped its first Mid-American Conference meet of the season on Sunday at Bowling Green’s Anderson Arena.

CMU (6-2, four-1 MAC) took 0.33 place inside the tri-meet with the host Falcons and Ohio State, which competed as a nonconference participant. The Buckeyes won with a 196.One hundred twenty-five, accompanied by using Bowling Green (195.400) and the Chippewas (195.375).

The Chippewas remain in the first region in the MAC. Second-vicinity Ball State lost at Northern Illinois on Sunday and is 3-1 in league duals. Every other crew inside the league has at the least one loss.

The Chippewas entertain Ball State in their very last MAC twin on March 15.

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Katy Clements tied her career-high with a nine.850 to tie for 0.33 and lead the Chippewas. CMU’s Brittany Kaplan recorded a profession-high nine.825 in completing amongst a collection tied for fifth. Bowling Green’s Jovannah East received with a 9.900.

The forty-nine.250 turned into the first-class event score of the day for Central Michigan and additionally ranked 7th in CMU history. Hayley Porter and Kaplan each published a 9.900 to tie for first with Ohio State’s Alexis Mattern. The 9.900 became Porter’s career nice and it matched Kaplan’s profession pleasant.

Clements led the Chippewas with a nine.900 as CMU posted a forty eight.425. Bowling Green’s Laura Mitchell won with a nine.950.

Clements led CMU with a nine.875, tying Ohio State’s Stefanie Merkle for the second area. Kaplan also posted a season-high with a nine.800. Bowling Green’s East won with a nine.900.

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