How to set Cortana in Microsoft Launcher

There’s some overlap when it involves Microsoft’s services on Android among Cortana – the Android app – and Cortana Launcher for Android. I currently wrote approximately the extraordinary UI designs with the Launcher model looking tons higher, but the question for many is, do you need each? Moreover, did you already know you can set the Microsoft Launcher model of Cortana as your default voice assistant? Here’s how.

How to set Microsoft Launcher Cortana as the default

Before we get started, make sure to study our other short guide on the way to enable Cortana in Microsoft Launcher if you are presently outside the list of supported international locations. The technique for assigning Cortana – the Microsoft Launcher model, no longer the app – as the default is easy. Assuming you’ve got Android 7.1.1 (the most not unusual nowadays), here is how you do it:

Sims three is launcher mistakes is a not unusual problem that Sims 3 users encounter. There can be many reasons for this game error. For example, many recreation users have suggested that they are getting launcher errors on their devices when setting up the latest updates for the sport. Similarly, a few customers are not even able to play the game for the first time. There are some recommendations given here that have helped humans to resolve such mistakes. If you need to fix Sims three launcher blunders and right away need to play the game, then it’s far worthwhile to do the subsequent steps in order:

Repair and Clean Corrupted Registry Keys: Each game that runs on a laptop has a few installations that are run at the operating gadget. The video games create registry keys inside Windows. The registry region of the machine consists of loads of heaps of registry keys of the Sims three. It is very beneficial to repair and clean the corrupted registry keys created via your game to restore the Sims three launcher errors. You can do this with the aid of the usage of a few green registry repairing software programs. Running a registry repair experiment also facilitates fixing those error messages which could crash or freeze the Sims three game.


Have the Latest Microsoft.Net Framework Installed into Your System: For Windows-based computer systems, it’s far very vital to have the cutting-edge Microsoft.Net framework established inside the machine. You can go to the legit Microsoft Web web page to download this framework without spending a dime on your pc. By doing, you’re maximum, probably eliminate the Sims 3 launcher hassle and play your recreation with no problem. However, for stable recreation performance, it’s miles vital to preserving the usage of the registry repairing tool.

Stay Logged-in into your EA Download Manager: When you are approximate to download and install Sims three-sport into your laptop, make it certain you are logged into your EA download supervisor to make certain that every one document is downloaded. Try Uninstalling and Reinstalling Download Manager: If you are becoming the Sims three launcher blunders, then it is encouraged to uninstall the EA download manager, after which reinstall it from the reliable net website online.

Fix Dell and Update Microsoft Direct -X: Sometimes, numerous errors cause the sport to malfunction. Updating Flash Player and Microsoft Direct-X is likewise useful to restoration Sims three launcher blunders. Are your loss of life to play Sims three sport and will no do so due to the nasty launcher blunders? Do you need to restore this trouble and need to have a brief fix? It is wise to run Intel Software Partner, RegInOut test for purchasing a short solution. Get RegInOut here: Sims 3 Fix.

The Sims 3 launcher mistakes are one of the frequent mistakes which the game customers come across. Is your Sims 3 launcher no longer operating, and you aren’t even capable of playing the game? If the answer is yes, then you, too, are one of the sufferers. There are, but, some steps that have helped a whole lot of humans fix their trouble. It is usually recommended you follow these steps so as. These steps are given here:

Repair and Clean Corrupted Registry

It is probably the case with your laptop that the registry inside the Windows working system has long gone corrupted. The registry component includes all of the computer packages and keeps a database of approximately all video games and packages in a systematic order. This database should be free from external or inner corruption. If your Sims three launcher is now not operating, repairing the registry may also fix the relaxed trouble.

Install the modern day.Net framework

Sometimes the launcher errors in Sims three may be related to the older version of the Microsoft.Net framework required to run critical computer programs. It is recommended you download and deploy the brand new.Net framework from the Microsoft net web page.

Stay logged in to the Download Manager.

If you have downloaded the game once more and the Sims three launcher is now not working for the primary time, then continue to be logged in to the EA download manager whilst downloading/putting in the game.

Reinstall Download Manager After Uninstalling it

To repair the Sims 3 launcher difficulty, try to uninstall the download supervisor, reinstalling it from the legitimate internet website. A previously corrupted installation can be causing the download supervisor to malfunction. Computer errors usually plague our loads. They need to be removed right now before they can cause any additional problems. One such blunder is the runtime mistakes 53. It shows the message “runtime errors 53 files no longer located”.

In this mistake, trouble occurs while a software program set up at the PC suggests this error because it is attempting to attain a DLL document that has been removed from the home windows registry. This registry includes all of the documents which Windows might use for executing any instructions by human users. This DLL record would possibly have never been hooked up to the pc itself.

Uninstall this system, which produced the runtime blunders 53 messages. To restoration runtime error fifty-three from your system, some simple steps ought to be observed. Such steps encompass clicking at the begin menu and then the touchdown on the control panel. After you reached the control panel, open the packages and functions icon. Open up all of the applications saved inside the pc thru it. A window can even open up, telling the user that this system has been eliminated from the device.


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