Top 8 Games Like Pokémon for iOS and Android

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Like a Pokédex in Pokémon, the Micromon recreation consists of a tool called them-linker, which has the database for facts of the micro mono (monsters) the participant has visible and stuck. It additionally offers recommendations on regions to discover particular sorts of micromons. Those video games are like Pokémon because they belong to the identical style and observe similar plots. A maximum of them, like Pokémon, are role-gambling simulation video games that require the player to expect the role of a man or woman in the game, explore, have interaction, and complete missions and targets in the sports world.

Function-gambling video games get extra addictive because of the achievements and bonuses which unencumber while gambling. For instance, in Pokémon, as a participant wins Pokémon battles, he acquires a brand new Pokémon or evolves within the current Pokémon. Comparable is the gameplay of the following eight Pokémon clones. A few video games may be downloaded for Android and iOS, while Some have the handiest been developed for the iOS platform.


Developer: MOGA Studios
Compatibility: iOS four.1 and up

The gameplay may be much like Pokémon and consists of different monsters that the participant manipulates at some stage in the sport. Each monster has one of the six powers: aerial, hydro, hearth, mineral, normal, and unique. The monsters can get burnt, frozen, want to sleep, or maybe experience a lower power, quite Much like the ‘paralyzed,’ ‘burnt,’ ‘harassed,’ principles in Pokémon.



Quick Tip

Diamonds are like bucks in this recreation. The Maximum ideal way to spend them is using buying golden or silver eggs.

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the game calls for a one-time fee of $0.99.

Faucet Monsters

Developer: InWirelessnity Pocket
Compatibility: iOS four.3 and up, Android 4.0 and up.

Some other addicting monster series recreation which receives its name from the simple but Wi-fi function―tapping. You most effectively ought to Faucet the display to perform numerous sports features, like hatching a monster egg, leveling up, evolving monsters, or maybe for a monster conflict. The game is very tempting due to the epic struggle system and 28 distinctive monsters, plus uncommon monsters. Your monster might develop larger with Each stage; and massive in the long run. So Download and start tapping. Tap Faucet…

Brief Tip

If you want to reach a struggle, Faucet precisely in the meanwhile whilst the (+) icons of each the monsters are overlapped.

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the sport is loose for each system.

ZENFORMS: Protectors
Developer: Calis Tasks
Compatibility: iOS 6.0 and up

If you had been seeking out an identical to Pokémon, this is the game that could WiWireless your needs the Wi-fine. A 2nd journey role-playing recreation, Z:P is the appropriate seize, train, evolve, struggle to fashion sport. Zenforms, like Pokémons, are sensible and empathetic to people. A participant captures and trains increasingly more of those and progresses in the game too, in the end, emerge as the Grand Protector.

Brief Tip

even as trying to trap a wild zen form in struggle, strive to set a standing indicator at the opposing zen form to boom the possibilities of shooting it.

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the game prices $1.99 and is to be had simplest for the iOS platform

Beastie Bay
Developer: Kairosoft Co. Ltd.
Compatibility: iOS four.3 and up, Android 2.2 and up

This recreation comes from one of the top-rated builders, Kairosoft. Apart from taming and training monsters, it affords a lot extra underneath the gameplay name, which includes planting plants, constructing homes, and remodeling the featured island into a mile better region to stay in. You can additionally develop new gear and era in the game and use it in monster battles. Monsters can also be traded or educated for a conflict. The identity falls beneath the RPG style. However, it contains elements of simulative gameplay.

Quick Tip

Make the proper buddies and use resources in the Maximum perfect manner to transform the sport island into an economically developed vicinity.

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the sport is free of cost for each platform.

Happy Monsters
Developer: Haypi Inc.
Compatibility: iOS Wi-five. zero and up, Android 2.2 and up

You will locate wireless this sport interesting, genuinely Wi-fiWireless. Recreation with gameplay, Just like Pokémon, but with better photos and high-quality texture. Among the monsters’ appearance quite Similar to Pokémons, or even the capabilities related to These monsters, like taming, evolving, or education, display numerous resemblances.

It also includes Wirelessctional elements like scrolls and magic, which may be used to confirm a common monster to a rarer one. Enjoy this cool adventure game and make your manner through loads of levels as you acquire greater monsters than you observed. You may. Remember that this recreation calls for Internet connectivity because it supports multiplayer gaming, so having a working connection could be perfect.

Short Tip

Use the synthesis function to merge monsters, create uncommon and powerful monsters, and upload them on your Wi-Fi celebration earlier than the ladder event.

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the game is unfastened for each system.

Monster Legacy

Developer: Outplay Entertainment
Compatibility: iOS 6 and up

Every other true Pokémon clone is Monster Legacy. It features greater structures and a three-D graphical consumer interface. The colorful international of ML, with all its plants, fauna, miniature islands, and tiny systems, might make you fall in love with the sport. A participant can discover the world, personalize their ranch, accumulate wild monsters and train them, evolve them, and host an online player versus participant (PvP) warfare; all this at the same time as on an adventure-stuffed ride to the mystical international of Arborea. To describe the game in a line, we’d say ML has used the Pokémon set of rules and built something new and better around it. Go test it out. (the sport has additionally been featured as an editor’s preference on the Apple app shop.)

Short Tip
Look for coins in jars, chests, and other gadgets; timber holds wild monsters which may be won thru a conflict.

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the game is free of value and is for iOS handiest.

Mighty Monsters

Developer: Uken video games
Compatibility: iOS 4. three and up, Android four.0.three and up

With issues Similar to the previous monster video games, MM capabilities, large multiplayer gaming, and a PvP mode were released after a recent replacement to the sport. Catch more than a hundred monsters and train them to reach their fullest potentials. Also, play and chat with pals or invite them for a conflict. The builders launch new seasons, every considered one of which adds a Wireless update to the sport international by discovering new islands or offering new monsters. The latest one is season nine. Android users, do not worry, as this one helps your telephones too.

Short Tip

test out the brand new island card concept; each card affords info of one of the several islands in the game.

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the sport is free for each platform.

Monster conflict Area
Developer: Greenhill video games
Compatibility: iOS 6 and up

Because the name indicates, this recreation is extra approximate battles and conquering new monsters. It’s miles truelyWireless a Pokémon clone because of a similar graphical interface and gameplay. It falls under the web multiplayer RPG genre, wherein you can still conflict with friends, alternate monsters, win new monsters, educate them in struggle, and plenty extra. A need-to-have if you want the warfare part in Pokémon.

Short Tip

upload an assortment of monsters on your crew, every having unique wireless powers. This will help you WiWireless or capture Some other monsters by using energy which It’s far prone to. Down load Hyperlinks, the game calls for a payment of $2.forty-nine and is available simplest for iOS. So, for those who love Pokémon and need Some greater, the video games listed above are simply what you want. Additionally, keep in mind to leave a vote or remark for your favorite sport underneath.


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