Top 5 Custom Android ROMs

Painting the world, Cyan! , consumers. Over time, Google has revolutionized the mobile smartphone enterprise with its path-breaking operating system, Android. These days, Android accounts for the lion’s share of the cellular OS market, with 81% of smartphones strolling on Android as of Q3CyanogenMod, the arena’s most popular custom Android ROM has a consumer base of more than eight million. Of 2013. This figure alone ought to be enough to quash any doubts about the dominance of this OS.

What makes Android this sort of crowd-puller is the truth that it offers you complete control over all the components of your phone. This high stage of customization is similarly supported by custom ROMs, which attempt to make the maximum of the device’s capabilities, even as adding some new functions that aren’t available on Vanilla Android. Those ROMs beautify the smartphone’s capability and assist you in getting the fine out of the tool.

Those custom ROMs are created by builders and cater to unique telephones. What this means is, every ROM is constructed considering the specs of that precise tool. You may, however, need to take into account that to put in a custom ROM, you want to have root get admission to it. Some OEMs select to disable root get admission to their devices, wherein case; you may just make do with the stock Android for your cellphone. Here is a observe a number of the most attractive and purposeful custom ROMs inside the marketplace Today.

Caution: Rooting your device ought to void its assurance.


Infrequently no surprises here. CyanogenMod is probably the maximum famous developer for ROMs and additionally boasts of support for over 300 devices. W That is recognized as one of the maximum stable ROMs within the market, and most tend to get everyday updates as nicely. What is likewise pretty commendable approximately CyanogenMod is the truth that it does not go overboard with customizations and maintains matters easily.  One of its maximum remarkable features is customizing the fast Settings tab with shortcuts for your favorite apps. It lets you upload more apps that can be accessed from the locked display. Another other easy yet very beneficial characteristic is the battery percent that suggests up at the top.

Website: CyanogenMod

Paranoid Android

This practice ROM warrants an area on our list for its sheer simplicity and numerous reachable apps. It also capabilities a few actual cool features like the choice to cover away the navigation and standing bars whilst not in use, providing you with extra display actual property. You also have the option to change the colors of these bars. The ROM presently best supports the Nexus devices and the Oppo Locate 5.

Internet site: Paranoid Android

AOKP (Android Open Kang Challenge)

AOKP allows boosting your Android device, providing you with greater manipulate over the show and format of the apps and buttons. With this ROM, you can pick to trade the shade of your notification LED. It also lets you release various apps relying on the swipe gesture used. AOKP additionally lets you set custom vibration styles for various notifications. The ROM currently supports extra than 50 one-of-a-kind gadgets.



Website: AOKP


This could no longer be the most function-packed ROM out there. However, it surely is amongst the quickest and lightest ones. It offers high degrees of customization and is extraordinarily smooth to use. It gives hundreds of eye candy in inventory apps, beautiful subject matters, and intuitive lock monitors. It also offers you whole root access. The ROM has masses of handy features like complete screen caller image, Community Assistant to screen your records usage, a simple weather app, Challenge Cleanser, and superior toggles drop-down bar. To begin with, meant for a few who choose Chinese telephones, this ROM now supports approximately 16 distinctive smartphone fashions.

Internet site: MIUI


A relative newcomer to this arena, Carbon has a few characteristic-rich ROMs, which might be fantastically strong. Those ROMs typically include most functions of different builders like CyanogenMod, SlimBean, AOKP, etc. It has some actually great functions like smooth get entry to notifications―just like the one at the Moto X, HALO―a unique notifications assistant, rich customization alternatives, on hand torch function on hand from the locked display, quick shortcuts on the house screen, and so on. The ROM is currently to be had for simply over 10 devices.

Website: Carbon

So, if the best factor this is maintaining you from jumping on to the Android bandwagon is the UI, then Those ROMs need to help make life simple once more for you. I want to reiterate that rooting your tool could void the guarantee, so tread carefully. Cheers.


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