How to Use Google’s Voice Access App to Control Your Android Device

Google recently launched a brand new accessibility function for Android devices, the Voice Access app. Voice Access is going beyond the voice instructions already recognized by Google Assistant by allowing you to additionally control the contact- and gesture-based interfaces of your Android cellphone (and most apps). To help you get commenced, we’ve prepared a quick manual for the Voice Access app, along with examples of a number of the more helpful instructions and features you ought to understand.

How to begin the usage of Voice Access

Before you can start controlling your tool with voice instructions, you’ll want to ensure you can run the app. The requirements for Voice Access are lenient: Your device needs Android five.0 Lollipop or higher. However, if you’re using a more modern device and/or have run a machine update in the remaining three or four years, you must be capable of running the app. You can take a look at your system version by commencing the settings menu and going to Settings > System > About, after which scrolling down.

Next, download the Voice Access app from the Play Store. After the installation has been completed, you’ll want to give the app the right permissions. You’ll be induced to do that the first time you install and run the app, or you may open your tool’s Settings, navigate to Accessibility > Voice get admission to, and turn Voice Access to “on.” When you open the app for the primary time, you’ll get a bit tutorial that explains its center capability, complete with interactive examples that will let you take a look at the one-of-a-kind voice commands you can use. Upon finishing (or skipping) the tutorial, you’ll now be capable of use Voice Access every time you need: say “OK Google,” or tap the “Voice Access touch to begin” button from the notifications menu. To turn Voice Access off, all you need to do is say “Thanks, Google,” or “Stop listening.”

What features Voice Access can carry out

Now that you’ve got the app set up and walking let’s move over some of the more useful terms Voice Access recognizes. You can find the total list of possible instructions by saying “What can I Say” or “Show all commands” each time Voice Access is enabled. You also can locate the entire listing on Google’s assist web page.

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Navigate menus and manipulate apps

Perhaps the most useful function of Voice Access is how it makes touch-based total user interfaces entirely handy thru voice commands. Hen Voice Access is going for walks; all on-screen factors are assigned a number. For example, when you use Google Search, you may “faucet” the various buttons usually used to provoke a search or car-fill the search bar through pronouncing the associated variables. Similarly, you could open apps and different features on your tool’s home screen with the aid of announcing the app’s on-display number or “open [app name].”

Rooting Android Device? Install These five Google Apps Immediately After It. If you’re formidable sufficient, which you’ve taken a danger to root your Android device, then it’s miles a have to say that both you are too courageous or you’ve lots to spend. Anyways, in case you’ve already taken a breakthrough, then cross ahead and set up these 5 important Android apps to be at ease after you end rooting Android devices. Rooting is an illegitimate hobby, and the tool manufacturers do not offer assistance or assurance for any rooted Android device. Even after understanding all this, if you’ve long passed beforehand and rooted your Android Smartphone or pill, then it is time to manage and defend your tool’s security.

Rooting Android devices may entice you to triumph over boundaries that hardware producers placed on some devices, but rooting lets a person modify or replace gadget applications and different settings. Additionally, rooting your Google Android Smartphones and tablets lets you run specialized apps that require administrator-level permissions and carry out specific operations that aren’t reachable to a normal Android consumer. If you’ve got a breakthrough, install those 5 pleasant Android apps to make certain ordinary backups, access machine-degree documents, and fast boot into any Android mode.

1. Titanium Backup

Titanium Backup needs to install the app after rooting your tool as it lets you set up sturdy security to defend and protect your records files from destiny damages. Undoubtedly, the Android marketplace faces many uncertain threats and vulnerabilities that could harm your tool to an irreparable volume, so it’s miles better to put it together yourself earlier. Android threats can easily flash your tool with a kernel or a plague that could turn your tool into an unresponsive telephone. The app facilitates customers by taking complete backups of your tool and permits them to restore the complete content later on. Users can get the app at no cost from the Android Store and can create guide backups whilst they think of any illegitimate hobby or carry out a custom development method. The app can successfully backup your downloaded and installed apps, freeze apps, SMS, and different vital files.


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