Internet convention a darker aspect of tech emerges

Every 12 months at the World Internet Conference, held in 2014 inside the photogenic canal town of Wuzhen close to Shanghai, businesses and authorities officials have convened to ship a message: China is a high-tech pressure to be reckoned with. With that message now settled beyond a lot of doubt, this 12 months’ convention showcased something unique. China’s tech industry is becoming greater serious about grappling with its products’ unintentional results — and approximately supporting the government.

Discussions of technology’s promise have been leavened with a contemplation of its darker side effects, such as fraud and statistics breaches. A forum on shielding private statistics featured representatives from China’s highest prosecutor and its powerful internet regulator. And numerous tech agencies pledged their guide for Beijing’s counterterrorism efforts, whilst China faces an international complaint about detaining and indoctrinating Muslims inside the name of fighting terrorism in the western area of Xinjiang. “Tencent has been devoted to coping with terrorist data online and other net crimes, in line with the government’s crackdown,” Chen Yong, a government in Tencent’s safety management department, stated at the event.

The convention, which ends Friday, also meditated on some new challenges facing China. It changed into held simultaneously as some other big occasion: a six-day import expo in Shanghai aimed toward displaying China as a big consumer of foreign items. With US price lists threatening to sluggish a weakening Chinese financial system, the country’s chief, Xi Jinping, spoke at the expo Monday to proclaim that China could be a wonderful pressure in international trade. At Wuzhen, using assessment, Xi regarded only by using the proxy. The head of the Communist Party’s propaganda branch, Huang Kunming, conveyed a thank you from Xi and then introduced a gap cope with that extolled the sector-changing power of internet get admission to.


Emissaries from Silicon Valley had also been in quick supply. Last yr, the speakers at Wuzhen included Tim Cook, Apple’s leader government, and Sundar Pichai of Google. This yr, the sole Western tech executive to give a keynote address became Steve Mollenkopf, chief government of chipmaker Qualcomm. His appearance reminded US groups’ continuing travails in China, which can deepen as the two powers battle over excessive-tech supremacy. Qualcomm scrapped a $44 billion deal to shop for a Dutch chip manufacturer this year after China’s antitrust government declined to approve it, a move widely viewed as retaliation in the trade struggle.

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