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IOS Updated Bill Gates On The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Microsoft Monday” is a weekly column that makes a specialty of all matters Microsoft. This week, Microsoft Monday includes information about the Edge app for iOS getting 3D Touch support, Phil Spencer giving a candid presentation at the DICE Summit and Awards, Bill Gates’ look on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Windows 7.Five and Windows 8.0 not receiving push notifications and much extra!

Bill Gates To Guest Star On ‘The Big Bang Theory’

Microsoft co-founder and era guide Bill Gates will be performing on “The Big Bang Theory” subsequent month, according to Entertainment Weekly. Gates may be playing himself. And the idea of the episode is that Penny (performed by Kaley Cuoco) is hosting Gates at paintings and all of her pals are going to try their first-rate to fulfill him.

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Speaking of Bill Gates, he recently appeared onThe Ellen DeGeneres Show in which he becomes asked to bet the prices of groceries as part of a game called “Bill’s Grocery Bills.” One of the unique responses changed into while he had to guess the rate of Totino’s Pizza Rolls.

Playing the grocery game became not the only reason why Gates went on Ellen. He also mentioned his philanthropic projects at the show. You can see the section approximately that in the video below:

Microsoft has announced a brand new service within Mixer Direct Purchase. The new provider allows viewers to shop for video games or downloadable content inside a live stream. And the streamers could obtain a part of that revenue.

“When a streamer activates Direct Purchase, their visitors could be able to buy the game or DLC they’re streaming right from their channel page. The complete buy occurs inside Mixer, while not having to go away the stream to complete the transaction,” wrote Ben Favreau of the Microsoft Mixer crew. “Once bought, the virtual content material is routinely added to the purchaser’s Xbox or Windows 10 recreation library in which they can then download at their very own convenience. No separate codes or tokens required. At release, streamers will earn 5% for every purchase that occurs on their channel. Remember – you are supporting your favorite streamers through shopping video games thru Mixer!”

Microsoft Edge Gets Updated With three-D Touch

Microsoft has updated the Edge browser app for iOS with three-D Touch support. By including three-D Touch aid, now there are shortcuts through Peek and Pop on the icon and you may preview an internet site via pushing down at the link earlier than touring it. And some other function that becomes brought to the Edge update is part-to-area display support for the iPhone X. Edge is not to be had for the iPad but, however that version is predicted to be coming soon.

Man Files Lawsuit Against Microsoft Seeking $six hundred Million Over Windows 10 Upgrade

Brooke Crothers, a contributor at Forbes and Fox News, has stated details about a lawsuit filed in opposition to Microsoft by a “Frank K. Dickman Jr.” of Albuquerque, N.M. The lawsuit is looking for damages of $six hundred million from Microsoft and CEO Satya Nadella.

According to the complaint submitting within the United States District Court for the District of Colorado, “Dickman Jr.” had Asus pc turned into loaded with Windows 7 and it became “non-functional right away” after an upgrade to Windows 10 failed. The grievance also alleges that the upgrade had deleted the cached model of Windows 7 as properly.

Crothers talked about that this isn’t the only lawsuit that “Dickman Jr.” filed recently. Based on a search of the Colorado court database, “Dickman Jr.” also filed a number of other proceedings.

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“While Dickman’s …Bold… Litigation won’t move very a ways in a district court, his sentiments are no doubt shared by way of some of the PC customers around the globe, who took exception to Microsoft’s over-zealous advertising of Windows 10 updates inside the lead-as much as an aftermath of its 2015 launch,” Shaun Nichols of The Register talked about.

In June 2016, Microsoft paid a $10,000 agreement to a travel agent who noticed an instantaneous effect on her commercial enterprise due to technical glitches associated with the Windows 10 upgrade.

Microsoft’s Eric Horvitz Discusses AI In Reddit AMA

Last week, three artificial intelligence specialists participated in a Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA) consultation. The three experts included Eric Horvitz of Microsoft Research, Yann LeCun of Facebook AI Research and Peter Norvig at Google. The three of them are also individuals of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS).

In response to a high college teacher asking which careers do they see being replaced by AI and which appear safe for the subsequent era, Horvitz replied with the following:

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AI advances are going to have multiple effects on labor on the economy. I consider some modifications can be disruptive and could come in a particularly speedy-paced manner—and such disruptions ought to come to jobs like using motors and trucks. Other effects may be through shifts in how jobs are performed and in how people perform obligations in exclusive domains. Overall, I’m a high quality about how advances in AI will affect the distribution of jobs and nature of work. I see many duties as being supported rather than changed via extra sophisticated automation. These encompass paintings within the nation-states of artistry, clinical exploration, jobs where excellent physical manipulation is crucial, and in the myriad jobs wherein we can always rely on human beings to paintings with and to take care of other human beings–consisting of teaching, mentoring, medicine, social paintings, and nurturing children into maturity. On the latter, I hope to peer rise and guide of a fair greater celebrated “caring economic system” in a global of growing automation.