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Microsoft gives up on Live Spaces: blogs to be shifted to WordPress.com

Microsoft is final its Home windows Stay Areas running a blog platform and moving all its customers over to WordPress. It is a dramatic circulate this means that It’s giving up a probably big slice of advertising enterprise – possibly as it genuinely can’t make it pay.

Or as Microsoft puts it, “partnering together” – redundant word alert – “and offering an improve for 30 million Windows Stay Spaces customers”.

Make no mistake, that is dramatic: it method that Microsoft is giving up probably treasured turf in which it is able to have offered advertisements, within the way of Google and the Blogger platform (which generates revenues for Google), and withdrawing from at least one part of the web space.

Microsoft gives up on Live Spaces: blogs to be shifted to WordPress.com

As Tim Anderson puts it,

“In steps with Microsoft it has 7 million users and 30 million traffic; and in case you be given that enterprise on the web is all about visitors and monetizing visitors, then it moves me as strange that Microsoft has no better idea of what to do with that traffic than to give it to a person else…. What this means is that WordPress, now not Microsoft, now has the opportunity to reveal commercials or market other offerings to those customers. “

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Dharmesh Mehta, director of Home windows Life Product Management and author of the publish for the Windows Stay Spaces group, says:

“As we looked at clients’ blogging wishes and what extraordinary agencies have been presenting, we had been specifically inquisitive about what WordPress is doing. They have a bunch of fantastic abilties – from a scalable platform and leading junk mail safety, to wonderful personalization and customization. WordPress powers over eight.5% of the web, is used on over 26 million sites, and WordPress is visible by using over 250 million human beings each month. Not most effective that, Automattic is an employer packed with extremely good human beings targeted on improving blogging reports. So as opposed to having Home windows Stay invest in a competing running a blog carrier, we determined the excellent factor we should do for our clients was to present them a great blogging answer through WordPress.”

Essentially, if you’re one of those Live space bloggers, and you are truely nonetheless doing stuff for your blog, then Live Spaces is encouraging – nay, pushing – you over to WordPress.

Because if you don’t need to shift over to WordPress

“In case you’re not prepared emigrate these days, you can also select to down load your blog content material, migrate later, or delete your area.”


You have got six months before it disappears into the exceptional Bit Bucket wherein Geocities has gone.

Frequently, of route, you can determine out who is definitely received out in a deal through evaluating the corporate statements. What does WordPress say? On its blog (of direction), Paul Kim, its vice-president of user growth, says:

“We’re very happy that Microsoft selected WordPress as their preferred new running a blog carrier for Windows Stay users. It is a signal of the way robust WordPress has come to be, and credit score for that is going to every one in all you who’s been developing right here.”

It sincerely is. And word that there is no point out of Microsoft getting any advertising and marketing dibs there. WordPress makes its cash via top class blogs: you could get a wordpress site without cost, but in case you pay greater than you may do all styles of other things, which include host it for your very own website (while leaving hassles like improvements to WordPress themselves.)

Following the news that Vox is ultimate (on 30 September), and that its parent Six Aside (which created Movable Type) is joining with VideoEgg to create a brand new agency known as Say Media, one has to suppose that the pool of hosted blogging structures is shrinking alternatively hastily. Atthis rate, pretty quickly It’s handiest going to be Blogger and WordPress.

And if that’s what it comes right down to, you would have to say that WordPress has the brink. It’s being taken up by the British government, even for non-running a blog web sites, wherein it acts as an effective content Control device.

That although may additionally neglect the emergence of “superfast blog” systems which includes Tumblr, which strip away a lot of the stuff on the out of doors – that can make blog upkeep complex or tedious.

Nevertheless, It is no longer clean from right here wherein blogging, as a separate activity, is genuinely going. I nevertheless have the feel – as I stated remaining yr – that the long tail of blogging is dying. Microsoft’s capitulation over Live Spaces seems an acknowledgement of that (its preceding submit, related in that quote above, notes how an awful lot of a hassle unsolicited mail blogs and comment junk mail had been; indeed, once I used to trawl blogs for Generation content material, Live Spaces blogs had been notorious for being pure splogs or copy/paste jobs).

WordPress has completed a better activity retaining the unsolicited mail out. The question now could be whether it is building its enterprise on top of an iceberg in a warming sea – or on dry land.