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Oklahoma earthquake among strongest in state history

One among the largest earthquakes in Oklahoma’s history shook the state on Saturday morning, and changed into felt with the aid of human beings from Nebraska to North Texas.

The 5.6-magnitude earthquake happened at 7.02am in north-vital Oklahoma, the usa Geological Survey said. No important harm changed into right away stated, although video showed cracks reducing thru the edges of homes and bricks falling.

The USGS stated the quake was fairly shallow, approximately 4 miles deep, and for that reason felt over a huge range. The organization additionally warned that aftershocks were likely.

Its depth suits an earthquake in November 2011 inside the equal location wherein hydraulic fracking and natural fuel are important industries. Oklahoma governor Mary Fallin stated on Saturday that crews have been checking bridges and structures for harm.

She also stated the Oklahoma Enterprise Fee become “reviewing disposal wells”, a reference to the wastewater disposal wells from fracking, which have been linked to earthquakes.

Oklahoma has suffered a chain of earthquakes within the past 12 months, with intensities as high as 5.1 and four.7, and earlier this month the state felt 3 small quakes in a single weekend. Research and authorities researchers have determined that the underground disposal of wastewater from natural gasoline drilling is linked to the boom in three.zero and stronger earthquakes in Oklahoma, and nation regulators have these days limited disposal hobby. A few elements of the state now are nearly as probably to suffer earthquakes as northern California. One Oklahoma location has a one-in-8 hazard of having an earthquake this yr.

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“It was a sustained quaking. It lasted a long term,” Pawnee mayor Brad Sewell instructed CNN. “We’ve been having a variety of earthquakes over the last couple of years – most of these had been single tremors. You understand, you feel it and it’s gone. This continued.”


Saturday’s quake turned into focused approximately 9 miles north-west of Pawnee, Oklahoma, a town of approximately 2,two hundred human beings about 70 miles north-east of Oklahoma town. Earlier this week, the identical area felt a 3.2-magnitude temblor.

Sean Weide in Omaha, Nebraska, instructed the Related Press he’d in no way been in an earthquake before and concept he changed into getting dizzy. Weide said he and Certainly one of his daughters “heard the constructing start creaking” and it “become surreal”.

On Twitter, human beings from around the principal US described the earthquake. “I’m in Memphis,” a person named John Combest wrote. “Whole lodge commenced swaying.”

Some other person posted: “My 0.33 floor condominium in Euless, [Texas], shook and rattled like crazy for approximately 10-15 seconds,” at the same time as user Kathy Godell wrote: “I’m in Kansas metropolis, [Kansas]. Marble desk turned into shaking, photos on partitions had been transferring.”

Some other forty-yr resident of Wichita, Kansas, stated the quake “woke me up” and “shook pretty difficult, by no means felt one which tough in Wichita”.

In Dallas, nearby news suggested that studio lighting “started out dimming and we heard lots of squeaking” as their constructing shook within the quake.